The neighborhoods in Seoul – Add the ornaments for bustling Seoul

During map tourism in Korea, as Seoul is a focal point of Center, then the surrounding Seoul tint sharp borders, make the journey to visit Seoul by travelers more vividly and more colorful.


Perhaps the most visitors go to tour South Korea, primarily interested in Seoul, Jeju Island, island of Nami or beyond bit is the city of Changwon. In fact, the neighborhood in Seoul were also very unusual because it contributed to enrich the itineraries of kimchi. Close to Seoul and most notably the city of Incheon , Seoul is just 1 hour move by subway.Mentioning Incheon perhaps people will feel very familiar by this city Incheon Airport- the international airport of South Korea welcomes international visitors and also one of the world’s important transfer overall. Incheon has so many unique attractions like Jayu Park, Wolmido Island, The overseas Chinese, the bridge Incheondaegyo, Incheon ceramics Village .

The border with Seoul and Incheon, travelers will have the opportunity to visit the province of Gyeonggi-do. The Department also serves as the center of the industrial development of South Korea, is also a very attractive tourist destination with many points to the fairly typical as the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon City; Bucheon Fantastic Studios in Bucheon; Everland Resort and Korean folklore Village in the city of Yongin. The Seoul Land, National Museum of contemporary art and the horse race Seoul in the Gwacheon; Silleuksa Temple and Yeoju Premium shopping centre in the city of Yeoju; Namhansanseong fortress in the city of Gwangju; Heyri art Village, Paju book City and Radio Odusan Unification Observatory in Paju city .

In addition to the above attractions, nearby areas of Seoul and many other destinations such as Lake Sanjeong at large with great landscape, where you can cruise in the summer and arrived in winter when the lake water freezes can skating be. Those who love nature South Korea while visiting Seoul and nearby areas often visit the Korean National Botanic Garden in Pocheon. Other destinations such as Lake Cheongpyeong, tranquil garden at dawn andJaraseom Island in Gapyeong is also the destination is well worth the visit if interest such as travel goes through this city. Two of the key attractions in the vicinity of Seoul can’t help mentioning the Ganghwado Island -the site of the grave stone located in the World Heritage list and the DMZ area, in association with many memories about the Korean war that a lot of people want to look to in order to understand more clearly.

With rich experience in tourism in South Korea, a vibrant combination of Seoul with some typical destinations of the neighborhood in Seoul will certainly be a priority has always been top choices. Just experience the ancient and the modern in Seoul’s bustling, just enjoy the fantastic natural scenery in the surrounding area truly is a complete trip, nothing interesting and memorable than that.

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