The only interesting thing seen when traveling to Dubai

Dubai is such magnificent magnet can resist the lure to tourists by the most modern wonders of the world. Not only that, this place will give you the chance to admire the unique experience that you “can not believe” in his eyes.

The interesting thing ‘unbelievable’ just that when traveling to Dubai


1. Admire skyscraper Burj Khalifa

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Burj Khalifa was designed by British architect Tom Bright. The tower was officially opened in 2010. With a height of up to 828m, Burj Khalifa deserves the pride of Dubai. Seen from afar, the tower looks like a vertical city, the close, it is like a “giant”. Here, if spent £ 22.45, visitors will have the opportunity to see the tower and admire the entire city from the highest balcony watching the world (124 floors).

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2. Experience the longest automated metro world

To solve the chaotic traffic situation, the Dubai government has spent about 6 years to plan, design and construction of the great train system called Metro Dubai. Nearly 40 kilometers long, this is considered the longest metro systems in the world. Remarkably, everything from the train station to the automation feature. Particularly station was built as a grand hotel to help guests can relax in comfort while waiting for the train.

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3. ‘Spend money “at the Burj Al Arab hotel

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Are you looking for a place to stay in Dubai with a fairly tight budget? So you can only admire the hotel Burj Al Arab in the distance only, since it “contraindications” for tourists who have limited purse. Burj Al Arab is known as “7-star hotel,” first in the world, is known as one of the tallest buildings in the world, countless dominate Dubai’s skyline, symbolizing wealth most of the Arab.

Inside the hotel as fountain area or lobby area, there are many details to be decorated with gold leaf, and the most logical way so that you can admire the architecture is dining at one of the many restaurant in the hotel. There are many options for your entertainment but all very expensive, not to say so much but this is one of the life experiences of the most sumptuous in the world.

4. Enjoy shopping at one of the largest commercial center Dubai Mall world

If you are a shopaholic, it would of course can not ignore the Dubai Mall – one of the largest commercial centers in the world. It focuses more than 1000 luxury stores, sold a variety of different products. Also, inside the Dubai Mall also has Olympic skating rink, a movie theater extravaganza and “indoor ocean” named Dubai Aquarium with more than 40,000 marine species.

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5. Wandering along the beach, watching the Persian Gulf

In the summer, the temperature in Dubai is quite high but to the east, the weather will be much more pleasant. If to Dubai at this time, an ideal activity for tourists that stroll along the beach.Walking on the soft golden sand, watching the blue water of the Persian Gulf, until tired, you can cross into the cafes and chic restaurants to enjoy the food, drinks Saudi Arab tradition.

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6. Bargaining when buying gold at Gold Souk

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Some items you can buy at a bargain when to Dubai’s gold. Go Gold Souk (market gold sales to the lowest in the world), you will find all the products of gold, platinum, silver sparkle in any position here. With more than 300 merchants sell jewelry specializing in competition with each other, you should definitely haggle, sometimes low pay down half the price, if not his “faux”. If you’re walking around the streets surrounding the Gold Souk, the note with the hawkers on the street with the dishes “true fakes as” decent.

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