The places Christmas and New Year the most attractive Asian

Without these glaciers like Europe during the Christmas season, but you still see the white layer of snow, or the thrill joyfully celebrates Christmas in Asia.

Experience the colors and discover the culture of the ideal destinations that you should not ignore in this festive season.


Christmas atmosphere began jubilantly around the island bustling Leo in mid May 12. This is a time traveler from everywhere flock to Singapore to welcome the festive season “tropical Christmas.” Special music festivals outdoor dancing will take place from mid-December on Siloso Beach and Sentosa colorful and eventful. Residents and tourists in Singapore are eager to welcome new Christmas season.

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Festival of thousands of stars on the boulevard Tanglin, Orchard and Somerset flood lights sparkling color, the giant Christmas tree before building commercial centers and shopping malls decorated cozy splendor. Marina Bay on New Year transfer moments, performances soaring spectacular fireworks in the night sky of the bay creating shimmering light colorful enchanting impression you’ll make.


At the time of Christmas and New Year, Beijing incredibly romantic with the white snow covering the landscape. Christmas eve commercial centers erected large pine trees, small with eye-catching decorations. To attract tourists, the candy store, fashion and children’s toys decorated with the colors of the festive and colorful flower lamp. Guests come here not just soak up the festive atmosphere pervades the place, but also visit a lot of famous historical buildings such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing Yiheyuan … Beijing will be an interesting option for you to admire the beauty of winter.


Hong Kong

Every year around Christmas, the bustling Hong Kong and vibrant welcome millions of visitors from around the world. You will doubt as to have a fairy in the celebratory atmosphere of Christmas and celebrate the new year across the roads.

Hong Kong is also a special season attracts visitors by a series of “big sale”, with an offer attractive discounts. The “believers” shopping can be found here most of the items from the budget until well-known items at the business center as Sogo, Time spuare, Tsim Sha Tsui, ladies street … Alternatively, you can take the cable car to the top of the Pacific panoramic scenic Hong Kong, visit Repulse Bay, Wax Museum … or ecstasy in space elves at Disneyland.


Christmas Korean fresh cold air, snow white, the streets were decorated with many lights attract tourists by the shimmer. Cheonggyecheon stream always become home to light carnival with thousands of lanterns hanging around. You can go to Jeju Island to join the ski festival takes place from September 12 or participate in festivals in Hwacheon ice fishing, winter recreational activities are the popular Korean family …

In addition, the South Korean people also welcome the new year by listening to 33 bells are sounding from ancient bell tower from the 15th century and to the temple to pray for a loved one prosperous new year, full and true enough peace.



Right from the beginning of December the major centers such as Tokyo station in Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Ginza … began hanging decorative lights. At the supermarket salesman dressed as Santa when serving customers. Couples take the Christmas season to show love, gifts special meaning, put together points of interests entertainment, leisure attractions such as Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, and the ski resort in Sapporo … or eating at the finest restaurants. On Christmas Eve the usual Japanese family Christmas cakes because they homemade or purchased in stores. In the land of the viscera, the countdown to the moment, the bell at the monastery rang 108 times 108 dispel bad luck in the previous year and welcome the new year.

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