The pretty little village nestled among the fjords

Situated on a high cliff towering, nestled in the fjords were created from small cracks of large boulders, the Furore in the top most attractive destinations on the Amalfi coast, Italy.

Furore is a small village, situated on the Amalfi coast, in the province of Salerno, Campania, southern Italy. Early, this place used to have a lot of homes located along the Ridge, overlooking the sea with a poetic path leads to.

Village Of FuroreItaly,The fjords,The Amalfi Coast,Visitors,Travel

The small house of the village of Furore is located on the cliff.

The village has no square or widespread community gathering place and the current House is very scattered. The walkways and stairs leading up the village were difficult to recognize if seen from the sea. Thus, the Furore was a “mystery” for many tourists, has even been called “the village does not exist”.

Until the Furore has official names on a map, the new house was repainted with bright colors to you easier to find every time they come across. This tradition still holds to this day and villagers also invited the artists from many parts of the world in September every year to decorate houses with new paintings.

Attractive point of Furore is located in a narrow Gulf, on the Gorge cut deep into the Mainland. Is the oldest European dates, vthe uniform Bay created by the line coming out in Mount tumbling Schiato sea. When the new formation, the village only a group of fisherman’s house situated close to the cliff.

Village Of FuroreItaly,The fjords,The Amalfi Coast,Visitors,Travel

Arch bridge located in the fjords of Furore.

Based on its unique location and beautiful scenery, the local Government has turned Gulf into tourist destinations. An ancient lime kilns were converted to bars and sell souvenirs. The old buildings were modified, a Museum built to store and display its heritage as well as the diversity of plants here.

On the Cliff Bay is connected by a bridge arch, the 30 m. Every summer, this place is the place to hold international diving Championships. In mid-September, the spectacle of the sun shines through a narrow gorge, down the beach just few metres wide trance usually both tourists and locals.

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