The route beneath Paris

Subway System interlaced, built from long is another face of the French capital, where the townspeople still air daily on the treadmill of life.

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The metro line in Paris was built in the mid 19th century under the direction of chief architect fulgence bienvenüe. The city has a variety of means of public transport in the underground but mainly there are 2 types: Metro and RER, M1 and M14 which is the automatic train.


To boarding, passengers buying tickets in the vending machines, then go through one or more ticket gates, depending on the pier. If you have questions, room staffed information available for guidance.


Not only can ship interlaced system, underground passages also have many stories and winding. There is only one floor terminal and a ship, there are very big place with many ships crossing with signage everywhere.


The metro station serving tourists are decorated with motifs. Most docks are large squares for pasting posters advertising.


There are places where ships and wharves are maintained shiny, usually the main terminal of the train and tourists when coming to Paris.


But city residents to “familiar” with many metro stations has deteriorated, ship tilting back and forth along the train stopped suddenly for many reasons. This is the daily life of the people living in the French capital.


Just to peak, though the ship has intensified with a 1-2 minute trip but many stations still packed. The ship is also difficult to find a place of comfort.


There are times when empty, the train is usually quite quiet. Inside the metro often glued directed by rail, and the next station announcement speaker.

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