The UK tourism destination not to be missed

England contemplative beauty, ancient remains is to invite the guests gourmet tourism.

If you are planning to come to the UK this season, you can refer to the following destinations for the trip is complete.

Big Ben Clock Tower


Usually everyone wants to be seen as a symbol of the country while traveling to somewhere. If standing in London England, you will discover the first place? Perhaps it’s Big Ben clock tower.

Big Ben clock tower is one of the icons of London. Previously famous tower clock as the world’s largest four-faced. Later, it was also a tower level by sophisticated design and reliability of the 2.7 m long needle (needle hour) and 4.3 m (minute hand) and operating apparatus has been operating non-stop stay for over 150 years.


Tower Bridge on River Thames

To England you can not ignore the London Tower Bridge tread and panoramic city by walking on this 45m long bridge. Is the suspension bridge combined lift bridge, London Tower Bridge has helped connect the two banks of the Thames, just may be raised for ships passing.

If the opportunity to visit the tower bridge, saw firsthand the original engine from the Victorian era, you’ll be surprised by the creativity and power of people to create a building has become a symbol of London.

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Tower Bridge on River Thames.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is splendid venue of the most important events of the British Crown. Surrounded by a spacious park, the palace of more than 775 pages triboi room luxury items. In the largest room which has an area of ​​up to 108×120 m2 and 24 m high.

Although not an art gallery or museum, but Buckingham Palace has numerous priceless art statue is also Royal GiaAnh collection.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral give you the opportunity to admire the works of art from medieval sculpture. If luck be in church on Sunday morning, you will hear 10 bells in the church tower ringing.

Liverpool Cathedral

To feel all features ancient bones in the land of the blind, you remember Liverpool had church – the church is ranked the world’s oldest and also the largest church of England.

Liverpool Cathedral is considered one of British heritage when pretty much hold the record. In magnitude, Liverpool Cathedral is ranked as the fifth largest church in the world. It’s great to be heard echoes from the bell of the thoLiverpool. He is like a bell ringing pounding hymn. The bell hangs in the bell it is considered the highest and heaviest hanging world.

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