The vibrant festival worldwide in December

For Western countries, December is the most brilliant moment of the year because this is the time when people are busy preparing for Christmas.

However, in December outside the Christmas festival also has many characteristics that you should not ignore, and learn offline.

Japan: Festival Kasuga Wakamiya

Time: 15/12 – 18/12/2015

Kasuga Wakamiya is an annual festival held at Kasuga Shrine, Nara to pray for good harvests.This festival from the 12th century and today has become a significant event attracts thousands of tourists to attend. The traditional activities of the festival takes place over four days, in which the main events are usually held on 17/12 with the performances excellent art as Kagura – is regarded as dedicated music for the gods, Bugaku, or court music accompanied by traditional dance.

20151207173217--1 Photo: Julie Gozali

Germany: Christmas Market

Time: 27/11 – 24/12/1015

Germany is one of the countries with a Christmas fair was beautifully decorated and the most famous European and mention Christmas in Germany is to mention Nuremberg. With hundreds of years of history, the Christmas market in Nuremberg is rated as one of the most famous markets in the world. Here visitors can purchase a variety of items to decorate for Christmas and enjoy many typical dishes of Germany as hot cinnamon wine, grilled sausages, … Christmas Market lasts for a period of four to five weeks before Christmas.

20151207173217--2 Photo: Franken Tourismus

San Francisco: Festival Santacon

Date: 12/12/1015

Just to Christmas festivities in San Francisco Santacon attracted the participation of numerous people. This festival began to appear from 1994, while participating in the festival people will wear costumes and parade Santa Claus in the streets, bars and dancing to celebrate Christmas together. Currently, the festival is taking place at Santacon than 42 countries worldwide.

festival , tourism in December , Christmas , Kasuga Wakamiya Photo: SF Citizen

Turkey: Mevlana Festival

Time: 10/12 – 12/17/2015

Each year, over one million people to Konya to attend Whirling Dervishes Festival and enjoy Derwische spiritual dances. This is considered a sacred ritual dances of Turkey water, the dancers are male clergy in white hooded towel, wearing a wide white robe, long dotted the land, who spun like tickle in lights bass music listeners go inwards. This festival is held to commemorate Mevlana thinkers. However, if you want to attend this festival you will have to buy tickets in advance.

20151207173304--4 Photo: Turkish Boutique Tours

UK: Festival Santarun

Time: Sunday first or second of December

Appearing since 2001 in Wales with charitable purposes, now Santarun is a popular annual festivals in the UK and many other countries. At this event, there will be hundreds of thousands of people dress up and masquerade as Santa and together join the race for the purpose of raising money to support those disadvantaged as children serious illness or handicap.

20151207173304--5 Photo: American Scottish Foundation

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