These experiences can not be missed in Paris

If you are not experiencing the following destinations,  this means that you are not really in Paris – the capital light or the city of love.

These experiences can not be missed in Paris.


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Stroll in the park High Line: High Line park with the same name before in New York (USA), and also the first elevated park in the world. It is filled with roses and lavender aroma. From here, guests can enjoy Haussmannian apartment buildings with unique architecture.


Climb the Eiffel Tower: No icons in Paris surpassed by the Iron Lady. Engineer Gustave Eiffel Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is now famous worldwide. You can skip the step in line to buy a ticket price of 7 euros and climb 1,710 stairs. Another way to not have to line up the book in advance at one of the restaurants on the tower. From here, you can enjoy panoramic romantic city of Paris.


Picnic in the garden of Luxembourg: Here, you’ll witness the glamor of French life. People dressed in office intently reading during lunch, petanque players on sand courts, the couple kissing passionately edge Medici fountain, mini kids sailing on the lake. This is a solarium and entertainment favorite of Paris.


Shopping: The popular shopping venues can be listed as Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and Le Bon Marché.Coming here, you just might enjoy shopping, just admire the exquisite architecture. Lafayette Gourmet food at La Grande Epicerie and also very worthy to try. Printemps and Galeries floor of Lafayette is where great views of the city. Do not forget to buy the brand Roger & Gallet perfume or leather bags fashion brand Galeries Lafayette.


Eat at the small bar: This is where you can enjoy the typical food of France. The shop is decorated traditionally, white tablecloths, cozy atmosphere. Some famous bar may be mentioned as Chez Dumonet, Grand Marnier, or Bistro Paul Bert.


Enjoy the sunset from the Sacré-Coeur church in Montmartre: This is one of the most beautiful sunset in the city. The local musicians often play guitar on the steps, creating a romantic atmosphere. However, you should avoid the hawkers here to get in trouble.


Enjoy a croissant: This is one of the characteristics of French cuisine. You can smell the butter, freshly baked bread smells fragrant fish when crossing the street. The highlight is the restaurant Laurent Duchene each parts: the most delicious butter croissant Paris 2012.


Visit museums: Paris is considered the center of culture and art, with more than 170 museums. The most famous is the Louvre, the museum world’s most crowded. However, you can also visit museums such as Musee D’Orsay smaller with the works of Impressionist and many paintings of Van Gogh.


Enjoy a ballet in the theater: the Paris Opera House is a magnificent work of architecture decorated with marble and gilding. Grand staircase, crystal chandeliers, colorful paintings of Marc Chagall author done in 1963.


Visit Notre Dame: This is one of the symbols of Paris Gothic bell weighs 13 tons Emmanuel famous. Climb the tower for views of Paris, or down to the crypt to witness the ruins of the old town Lutetia is an unforgettable experience.

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