These experiences can not miss the summer tour to Japan

In summer, the weather in Japan is usually quite hot, hot, but this does not reduce the amount of tourists come here every year. They come here, hoping to enjoy a summer real difference: the season of festivals celebrated.

Festivals and Fireworks


In summer, Japan became boisterous and bustled up, this is the season of festivals, especially the fireworks. Almost summer sky in the land of the viscera are brilliantly adorned with sparkling fireworks.

Festival fireworks extravaganza supposedly especially along the Sumida River, the river that flows through the east of densely populated areas of Tokyo, usually held on the 7th day of July last year. Each time the organization has about 2 thousand fireworks result in this festival, attracting more than 900 thousand people to see.

Like the cherry blossom season, in the season of fireworks across the country people often wear the yukata (summer kimono) is colorful and cute, to the riverside location in the city to enjoy the fireworks, with performances lasted even up to 1-2 hours.

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One of the most famous festival of Gion Matsuri Japan, held a full in July with parades of dozens of big cars are decorated extremely brilliant over the main streets of the ancient capital of Kyoto. Also, there are many unique festivals such as Tenjin Matsuri, Kanto Matsuri (held from 3-6 / 8), Kangen-sai (1/8), …

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Bon-odori festival is being held to commemorate the ancestors, this habit comes from the Chinese Buddhist tradition, it is a blend of Buddhist beliefs and ancestor worship. During one week the festival, people hanging lantern with the aim to guide the souls back.

On this occasion, the Japanese families often gather together in a long family vacation, called the Obon holiday. During the holidays, children often visit their parents, grandparents, or go visit the graves of loved ones.

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In particular, to attend the festival you will be watching the excellent performances with Bon-Odori dance. This is a type of folk dance, the dancers would dance circles around a wooden frame called Yakura, also the stage where singers and musicians performing. However, now Bon-Odori dance has evolved into so many different styles and even the background music also changes depending on the region.

Enjoy the attractive summer dish

In addition to the brilliant fireworks Bon Odori dance or feast in remembrance of ancestors, to Japan in the summer you can enjoy a myriad of delicious dishes. One of the dishes that you can best summer cooling as cold noodles. The cold noodles are often served with ham, egg, tomato, cucumber with sauce in characteristics.

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Besides cold noodles, you can enjoy dishes such as yakitori (chicken skewers), yaki-soba (fried noodles), tako-yaki (octopus pie), okonomiyaki (pancakes) and ika-yaki (squid skewers grill), … For dessert you try kakigori dishes – dishes with bean ice, cream, condensed milk, fruit and syrup.

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“Beer Garden”

From late July to early September, the “beer garden” in Japan began opening up, attracting many residents and tourists to relax after a hard working day. In “beer garden” you can see most of them are couples, the group of friends, or tourists come here to enjoy beer and delicious food.

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Many “beer garden” opens on the rooftops of the big stores, hotel, or in the park. In Tokyo, you can go to Mori-no Meiji-Jingu Beer Garden near. And in Kyoto, you can choose the beer garden in Kyoto Tower Hotel. Nearly there Hankyu Osaka Top Beer Garden with a large space with views of the city.

Excursions to destinations in northern Japan

The weather in Japan is quite muggy summer so visitors often flocked to visit places like Hokkaido in the north, the region will have more temperate climate. Summer is also the perfect time for you trekking or exploring the national parks such as Daisetsuzan and Shiretoko.

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Summer is also the season of the beautiful wildflower fields in Furano full bloom colors from pink, orange, yellow to purple. Of course, to Hokkaido in summer you can not ignore the Sapporo festival is held from late July to mid-August with a district center “beer garden” around 13,000 seats. In addition, within the framework of the festival there are many special activities such as traditional dances, musical performances, fireworks, …

Climbing Mount Fuji

Fuji climbing season generally runs from July to mid-September, this is the most anticipated moment of the love conquered Mount Fuji legend. Due to very long road climbing up the climbers usually begin the journey from the afternoon to the next morning was watching the sunrise from atop Fuji. Especially in summer this place attracts many tourists, so you can choose the time climbing in weeks instead of the weekend to avoid crowded and jostled.

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