These great Romantic destination in Germany on path

It is no coincidence that romantic road connecting more than 20 cities, is considered one of the most popular tourist itinerary in the world and more than 60 years always attract tourists!


Villages in the area on Cung Tauber Valley Romantic Road – Photo: wordpress

Wurzburg to Fussen from, 350km long romantic path takes visitors through the old city, the picturesque villages, the countryside beautiful secluded in the southern German province.

On this stretch of road is the perfect harmony between nature, culture and festivals. The castle takes on fairy tales, the church has splendid architecture, ancient forts and legendary buildings in cities is still imprinted time hundreds of years ago on the road non-stop love or sex tourism.

* City Wurzburg Main river banks with vast vineyards surrounding the center in Franconia region.

The city was 90% destroyed in World War II and the reconstruction completed in 1967 helped Wurzburg reconnect the glorious past and now also a city college students when the students Members account for over 20% of people here!

Wurzburg attractions by National Museum Franconia region with the sculptures and the collection of local folk art, the ancient fortress as a base for the entire city …

Among the points to stop in Wurzburg has cathedral St. Kilian in Walking Street, one of the largest Roman church in Germany with towering spiers and massive Festung Marienberg fortress.

And enjoy a glass of wine at the bar will make you remember amnesty Wurzburg!

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You will walk through the bridge construction from the 15th century is adorned with 12 statues of saints to enter the city center – Photo: wordpress

Picturesque city with 42 gateway is located on a plateau at the intersection of the roads for tourism, is one of the most visited cities in Germany and is the source of inspiration of poets world.* “Jewel of the Middle Ages” on the river Tauber Rothenburg is considered a romantic symbol of Germany.

Rothenburg residential architecture as well as a model home in some of the characters in the films of Walt Disney myths.

Wander the winding streets, quaint always brings a touch of relaxed comfort.

The museum culture and history, the houses made of stone and wood with lots of gables and windows were built from the 14th century until 17, the splendid dome of city hall as well as small Toppler castle .. . as to reproduce the image of a legendary medieval Rothenburg.


The main street in the city of Rothenburg – Photo: wordpress

Kathe Wohlfahrt at the Museum, where the exhibition integrates Christmas items in the 19th and 20th of the entire region of Central Europe and the stores, you will lost in space “Christmas village” style Germany colorful.
Rothenburg is not the city’s one day or a season. The diversity of cultural activities taking place throughout the year in the medieval city best preserved in Europe, so there are always people travel even outnumbered settlers in Rothenburg!


“Christmas Village” style Germany Kathe Wolhfahrt – Photo: wp

* Ancient City Nordlingen with red roof houses both a corner of the sky brightened. This is the only German city with ramparts system perfectly preserved, where visitors easily tour around the city on the wall length.

For panoramic views Nordlingen, you can up to 90 meters high bell tower of the church of St. George, is locally known as “Daniel”.


City Nordlingen view from above – Photo: wordpress

* Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The Middle Ages, this is the delivery of the majority of trade routes.You should also take the time to admire the beautiful fortress nearby Harburg prior to the dynamic city of Augsburg.

And at every street corner, every wall, inside the palace, church … Renaissance architectural style you like drifting golden age with historical anecdotes and leisure guests to Augsburg in the 15th and 16th century , which used to be one of the center’s most famous jewelers in Europe.

To experience the splendor of Augsburg, you start from the central square Rathausplatz, where the town hall, a beautiful architectural renaissance have a room where the walls are covered in gold; and 80m high tower adjacent Perlachturm.

You can top of the tower to admire the brilliant beauty of the surrounding city buildings. On the road opposite the Royal Maximilianstrasse town hall fountain is more sophisticated architecture …

Quarter Fuggerei is the oldest part of the city. The buildings remain perfect definition hundreds of years ago. Cathedral St. Maria started from the 9th century and the construction lasted over 600 years to complete, is the most beautiful church in Augsburg. It also has tombs, altars and more magnificent frescoes, magnificent sculptures.

Mozarthaus Museum – home of the family musical genius Mozart – also a point of coming to Augsburg.


Downtown Augsburg – Photo: wordpress

Go to Fussen, you will admire the two castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein dream in city vicinity.* On the last leg of the road romantic, the magical natural lake, surrounded by majestic mountains has created a magical scene for the city Fussen. Works with diverse architecture built in different periods creates a harmonious whole.


Fussen, the last leg of road romantic – Photo: wordpress

Among the castle must go on the road is also an indispensable romantic Heidelberg castle with red walls, one of the historic sites the most impressive though current Germany largely dilapidated.


Hohenschwangau Castle – Photo: flickr

And in Linderhof castle, you will be lost in the fairy world …


Heidelberg Castle – Photo: wiki

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