These sights and tourism at North of Taiwan

When mentioning the tour in Taiwan, maybe a lot of visitors do not know that Northern Taiwan is the most amazing land of nature both made in Taiwan, infrastructure and culture and people.

Not only is the political and financial center of China, Northern Taiwan as the Taiwan tourist wealth and a set of typical areas of the “beautiful island”. The area is Taipei (Taipei), the area of Hsinchu (Hsinchu), Chilung (Keelung), new Taipei (New Taipei), Taoyuan (Taoyuan County) and national Yangmingshan (Yangmingshan National Park).

These sights and tourism at North of Taiwan

If talking about Taipei, will inevitably have to mention the Taipei City first, in the Center not only of the region but also of the whole of Taiwan. Along with the new Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung, Taipei is one of the four administrative regions of Taiwan. Taipei in a manner that makes people not small when comparing it with other typical cities of Asia, such as Shanghai, Tokyo or Hong Kong. However, the reality was not that this city, where there are many landscapes, individual features sufficient to conquer every visitors. The typical sights here included as aMemorial to Chiang Kai-shek (The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall), the Taipei 101, Sun Yat Memorial (at The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall), National Taiwan University, the National Palace Museum in Taiwan also called the Palace Museum (The National Palace Museum) , Aboriginal Museum Formasa (Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines),Ximending neighborhood Mall on the West side of Taipei, Beitou hot spring Museum, Botanical Garden Taipei (Taipei Botanical Garden), Window on China Theme Park or Recreation Area United States, Longshan Temple and many monuments, parks and other excellent museums.

Very close to Taipei, new Taipei as the satellite town of Taipei City, with fairly complete traffic system, the surface infrastructure and expanding investment has driven new Taipei is becoming more crowded and become more appealing to international visitors. Special attractions in the District include as Hongmao Castle or Fort San Domingo,Tamsui Harbor, Tamsai the old town, the Museum of world religions in the suburb of Yonghe, the beach , the Fulong Beach Jilong and Wulai town rich in indigenous culture and landscape.

The Taipei City about 100 kilometres an hour, visitors travel to Hsinchu City nearly 400 years old and the town of Hsinchu are quite busy. The city of Hsinchu is not at all the typical tourist’s attractions like Taipei, which is home to thriving industrial manufacturing of electronic equipment. However, the infrastructure of this city, especially the traffic system and the hotel is quite good for the hotels, which are investing mainly to cater for business conferences in the city. Although tourism is not the spearhead sector in the development of Hsinchu City but also possesses remarkable landscapes such as Eastern Division, Museum of glass, handicrafts 18 Summit with great scenery, Hsinchu Science Park , a large Zoo in Hsinchu, Qingcao Lake and many other typical destinations.

Located not far away from Taipei City, Keelung City, Taipei is only about 35 minutes by car. Along with Kaohsiung, Keelung was one of the two largest port cities of Taiwan. The city also does not thrive on tourism, but due to the location of the arts and pretty good port, Keelung port once home of the Star cruise ship Cruise with the cruise excursions to Okinawa in Japan and some other islands. Keelung as well as other cities of Taiwan, also owns the very attractions attractions such as Temple night market and export (Miaokou Night Market), Isle of hope (Heping Island),Gongzih Fort Liao, Dawulu fortress, Baimiwong fortress, the Waimu Shan, etc.

In comparison with the region on, Taoyuan and Yangmingshan National Park area seemed more modest in terms of the number of landscaping but have characteristics of their own. Specifically with the areas of Yangmingshan National Park, visitors can immerse in spectacular natural landscape of superb Yangming Park .

Last but not least contribute looks specifically for northern Taiwan was the Yehliu geological park or Cape Yehliu orYehliu peninsula. Here, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the ice sculptures with many interesting shapes, due to the effects of natural erosion over time into.

With the details above, surely contribute more to Taiwan travel experience for all visitors. In particular, this information will also help you better understand a lot about Northern Taiwan – which owns the beauty very distinct characteristics, contributions in the form of an island named in full United States of America has always been there from time to time.

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