Things to experience while in Perth, Western Australia

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia. This is the 4th most populous city in Australia, and visit interesting places in this place offline.

1. Visiting King Park and Botanic Garden


King’s Park is one of the green parks of Perth, suitable for young people choosing to visit a picnic along the trees take 620 meters high. In addition, the park also has a botanical garden, for the majority of the middle class, the elderly to visit.

2. Visit the Fremantle Harbour


Fremantle Harbour is one of the busiest port city of Perth. Trains, ferries, barges continuous tanker dock, fertilizers, metals shipped through the port. At the end of the west coast of the port is the port district inhabited by local people, which is the restaurants, cafes, bustling shops, nothing else is not busy port.

3. Go to Rottnest Island


Located 18km west of the town of Fremantle, moved by a 45-minute ferry range you can set foot in Rottnest Island. This island attracts half a million tourists visit each year such as fishing, swimming, diving, hiking on the island … Also, you can see humpback whales surfaced often in the fall , annual spring.

4. Visit Perth Zoo


Perth Zoo is a conservation of biodiversity with over 164 species of unique wildlife of all kinds.

5. Walking on the beach Cottesloe


Cottesloe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the city of Perth, you can go barefoot, along the sandy beach. Also, you can participate in surfing, diving and spa treatments at the nearby resort …

6. Enjoy cuisine Safari


Perth has a diverse culinary culture, with local dishes inspired by the sea and Southeast Asia, Safari …

7. Visit the fishing town of Lancelin


Just go along to the north of Perth are you going to the small fishing town of Lancelin.

In this town, you can participate in fishing with local fishermen, enjoy the delicious food.Alternatively, you can dive in this town or four-wheel drive racing exciting sand.

8. Explore the Cultural Centre Perth


Cultural Centre Perth include Western Australian Museum, Art Gallery of Western Australia, The Blue Room Theatre and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA).

9. Wine tasting in the Swan Valley


Swan Valley is located just east of Perth, is the oldest vineyard. You can come by road Swan, here you can visit the vineyards and taste some delicious new wines.

In the distance are the buildings vineyards of old age.

10. Join a free tour


Perth has supported a system of free tours Central Area Transit (CAT), with three bus lines to navigate the main attractions of East Perth, West Perth and Northbridge free.

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