Things found only in Italy

Italy 500,000 people went to see fortune each year, the police used to arrest robbery or Lamborghini’s sales accounted for 7% of GDP mafia is absolutely real things in the country of the team cerulean jacket.

Many visitors said they really jealous of Italy when people boot-shaped country possesses so much yearning of humanity: the ancient church, which owns both the Vatican, Leaning Tower of Pisa, the arena Roman, perfect pasta dish, the delicious pizza, famous love story Romeo – Juliet and … Ero.

Italy , Lamborghini , Venice , Italy travel , tourism VeniceItaly is a country estate owned by UNESCO the world’s largest, numbers up to 50. It is also the country’s largest wine producer in the world. Photo: Suprisingitaly.

Here are some interesting facts about the team’s hometown cerulean which Factslides page listed.

Italy fans collectively called “tifosi”, meaning “bearer of typhus”. This meant their fanaticism like a fever.

The oldest republic of San Marino world located in the heart of Italy. The country also “embrace” the Vatican inside.

Sales of mafia organizations accounted for 7% of GDP.

More than 30% of unmarried men aged Italy 30-35 still live with their parents.

Italy traffic police car Lamborghini Gallado property to do the task.

Approximately 500,000 people in this country go to fortune or to meet annually shaman.

In 2013, an Italian man asked to be in jail to get rid of his wife. This is an event that attracts a lot of people interested in that time.

A third of Italians almost never used the internet.

A man can be arrested if the dress in public places in Italy.

A cat in Italy has inherited 13 million dollars from its wealthy owner.

Middle finger of Galileo Galilei – astronomers, physicists greatness of humanity – are on display in a museum in Florence.

In Venice, all gondola (gondola used to roam in the canals in the city) are required by law painted black.

Milan authorities ask them to smile, if kept scowling attitude can be punished, except for you to attend the funeral or to the hospital.

Not to die in Falciano del Massio town because all the land where the cemetery for burial.

3,000 Euros are thrown into the Trevi fountain neck every day.

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