Things to know before arriving in Sydney

Take a vacation rental in the suburbs, visiting local beauty instead to the bar, discover the pristine beaches …

1. Rent a holiday home in the suburbs instead of renting hotel in city

If you just want to save your money again just wanted a comfortable accommodation in the day, please visit Sydney in Surry Hills reservation. Step down motels you surely will be very impressed with the little cafe with bold décor Sydney or extremely quaint bookshops. A further plus point for the Surry Hills area is from here you can easily move to other locations.

2. Explore the Newtown

Newtown is the favorite entertainment of both locals and tourists. Certainly you should visit Black Sheep restaurant on King Street road to be free to play the game tied to your childhood like Pacman and Mario. Then visit the shop Maria to enjoy a tasty burger you’ve ever eaten, and had to use tea shop Newtown Brewtown. At Glebe has the most crowded markets on Saturday. Do not forget to visit Sydney University offline. It was really great!

3. Stay away from partying at the bar and discover the local famous sites


Rather than take an expensive drinks and then drunk at the bar right near or at the Opera House, then why do not you try going straight to The Glenmore shop to have a colder drink, tasty, cheap and sit which enjoy panoramic splendor of the Opera House, right?

4. Explore some quiet beach in north coast


There is a beautiful walkway from Manly beach to Cabbage Tree Bay – where you and your friends can swim, surf school together if you want to experience it once in your life. There is a great cafe there called The Boat House with lots of good food, beautiful and has a lot of locals there.

5. Sydney love the brunch


After a long day experience in Sydney why not treat yourself to a morning’s nap? Then go to the base of Alexandria to use bar brunch and visit Dumpling King restaurant in Newtown to enjoy the dumplings with unbelievably cheap.

6. Do not overlook the beach nestled below the Mountains


That will certainly be one of the best experiences in your life when walking along the pristine beaches of this immensely and listen to your favorite tracks. Sirius Cove beach is one of the most exciting and park in Sydney. Astonishingly, it also has a trail that can take you from Taronga Zoo to Chowder Bay again!

7. Blu-Bar Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel will not disappoint


Even if you do not stay in this hotel, do not worry because Blu-Bar is open for everyone. Enjoy a cocktail on the top floor of Shangri-La Hotel, 36th floor, and watching the incredible beauty of the city of Sydney from above.

8. Save money by Pylon Lookout to


If you do not have much cash and still has a long journey to discover it takes quite a bit of money instead to climb the Harbour Bridge, enjoy similar views at Pylon Lookout. You will only have to spend $ 13, it’s even more cheaper if you’re still a student!

9. Never forget sunscreen


This is a really essential tips for you when visiting Sydney, do not ignore it if you do not want your skin sunburn. The more you have to pay more attention to the country you are living with winter. Remember to apply it at least 3 times a day offline!

10. To a separate amount for travel and bring a pair of shoes to walk comfortably

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The biggest difficulty of all visitors to Sydney’s travel expenses. Sydney was not a city built for convenient walk like the style of Washington or New York, the public transport is not very popular. So make sure that you allocate a lot of cash to pay for taxi fare or best to bring a pair of walking shoes to be able to use it whenever you can.

11. Move to the various areas by ferry


Travelling by ferry will make you feel very much more comfortable compared to other vehicles.Manly ferry to Circular Quay is derived from the cheapest and best flights at the yacht harbor.Do not forget to experience exploring the coral reefs at the beach on a beautiful day Shelly offline!

12. Using Opal card free

Opal card is free smart cards that you can keep and reused. You recharge your card to pay fares Opal travel of any kind of public transportation, including the train, ferry, bus, … You can get the card free Opal in convenience stores. Do not hesitate to ask Sydney Transit to get a free card Opal.

13. The small beach at the eastern suburbs


Milk Can Beach is a small beach but its beauty makes us not chisel out. It is located right next to the Hermitage Bay and it’s easy to go there. Milk Beach has beautiful blue water and they called it so because the sand here was really white.

14. Go shopping at the Queen Victoria Building history

The shopping center on Pitt Street is a great suggestion if you want to spend one day to get to the big brand chains like H & M, GAP and Sephora as well as high-end fashion brands other.Add a plus for this area is that it makes you feel like you are lost between the 1930s so.

15. Experience in the Blue Mountains

You will have a different experience, as well as more unique pictures to show off to friends if visiting the little known region in western Sydney. You should spend a day to visit the Blue Mountains, ensuring you’ll have no regrets. You can use the drive-in movie theater, golf, indoor skydiving, or climb the mountain to see the rock legend and three sisters Jenolan Caves.

16. Park Beare


There’s nothing better than to change paths and to different places such as parks Beare magical right? The park is located right next Beare Rushcutters Bay and is a beautiful place to see wild flowers called mimosa – the flower of love and beauty secret of humility.

17. Not to be missed Bunnings Warehouse store


Maybe you will laugh to think that you should definitely try to come here just to eat sausage – which are sold throughout the world. But if you’ll really regret not to Bunnings Warehouse on weekends to enjoy the American special sausage. It was really great!

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