Things to know to visit and working in Europe

To Europe – I guarantee you will not be overwhelmed by the well off flowers, magnificent here. Travel Europe, prepare for your journey. Viet Global travel will help you be aware of the need to know when traveling in Europe.

1, Temperature:

  • Travel Europe June to August: Summer

    This is the time of highest temperature in 21 degrees C to 24 degrees C, this is an appropriate time for outdoor activities. Please enlist enjoy street cafe French style totally offline. You will be faced with the largest number of tourists in Paris because this time tourists flock to Paris very crowded because it is the peak tourist season. Hotel rates and airfares rising in this season, you remember early booking before tickets offline.
  • Travel Europe in September to October: Fall
    Starting in September, the Hotel Paris will gradually bring about the prices more reasonable prices. The average temperature from descending from 20 degrees C to 10 degrees C, The You travel this month to remember to bring extra warm clothing offline.
  • European tour in December to February: Winter
    This is the lowest temperature point in Paris, the average temperature of about 6 degrees C. You should wear warm clothes to keep warm very thick body, this is a good opportunity for you to display the area of the jacket You. Traveling this season you will save a lot by other price cheap hotels and flights
  • European tour in March to May: Spring in Paris
    This is the month starts to rise gradually, temperatures began warming, the average temperature from 11 to 19 degrees. Afternoon rains often.


2, Currency:

– You should change the amount available to € Uros Vietnamese in Vietnam or can pay by credit card. VISA and MASTER very popular in Europe.

– Exchange rates today: 1 Euro  (up-down from time to time).

– You should prepare individual coins in his pocket to use public facilities such as toilets, vending machines. Should convert euro currency in small denominations as: 5 euro; 10 euro, 20 euro and some coins to take the tram, buy drinks, buy phone cards.

– Take urination, often will pay 0.50 cents … unless some other place is free.

– Bring a calculator to calculate the price when shopping.

3, At the Hotel:

Hotels are stated in the program.

– If guests need bearers Porter brought to room or car, etc …, should inform the organizers as soon as possible to notify Hotel where occupants group advance to arrange visits. Visitors often have to pay for each 1 piece of luggage, the price of 3 Euros to 15 Euros, depending on the standard of hotels from 3 * to 5 *.

– You should note: Depending on the system of modern equipment of each property, using the mini bar (refrigerator in his bedroom), with the hotel mini bar automatically, simply open the mini bar and remove all utensils (such as water, candy …) in order to see the finished cabinet placed in the cabinet back or take the product button, then you will still be charged even if you do not use them . Therefore you should carefully inquire information with guides in Europe before use in each hotel mini bar.

– Most of the hotels have services PAY TELEVISION (see film pays). If you do not see the proposal not press PAY, if press then not see still have to pay the money directly to the Hotel.

There are no European Hotel: Mini bar or refrigerator. Depending on the country or region where the group goes through. For reasons cool weather all year round, the hotel does not need air conditioned facilities, we do not take it as something strange.

– Standing in the hotel’s air conditioning system to adjust the center … not a personal refrigerator. For reasons of maximum energy savings as well as adjust the temperature in the bedroom, usually controlled by the central control system. Therefore we can not discharge air conditioning massively as individual air conditioning. Note: occasional outages completely air conditioned hotel always cool if …

– Usually the hotel no brush, toothpaste & Slippers. So visitors should be prepared for personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc … Hotels Europe often only a towel, soap …

– After 21 o’clock at night, not to speak loudly, drinking noise affecting sleep the other room.

– In the case of waking up early, not shouting or banging Lane calls … door search .. companion, inadvertently making noise, affect sleep the other room.

– Guests can ask the hotel or via the HDV to know how to call from your room to room of another person without necessarily running for .. or knock knock your room companion.

– The hotel has the right to refuse & invite guests out of the hotel if the noise to affect the sleep of the other rooms.

– Bottom line: It should be quiet to respect the other bedrooms around.

– Breakfast at the hotel often eat Western Continental breakfast … sometimes form unions also form Buffet breakfast, try foods we should eat something that we do not know … Avoid taking too many cases that is not eaten and left profligate excess … there when we’ll be fine depending prescribed in each restaurant, the price will be fined between 10 € to 25 € Uros Uros / 1 person.


4, At the restaurant:

  • If guests wish to bring beer into the restaurant wine or drink, should be consulted prior to the local tour guide. If the restaurant can see, people have the right to refuse guests bring wine & forbid, beer orrestaurant must have the right to demand immediate payment of money or alcohol beer opener with very expensive price compared to Vietnam.
  • 1 bottle opener Price Average vary from 10 € to 25 € Uros Uros depending the guests drank wine or customized luxury restaurant or that unions usually sitting.
  • Usually the beer or wine purveyors often obliged to permit “License” by the government. Without this permit shall not be sold or used in hotel restaurants … So, we need to ask local tour guide before bringing alcohol into the restaurant.
  • Children under the age of 18 minors are not allowed to use alcohol in restaurants or bars.
  • Summary: Ask local tour guide when guests wish to use or need discreet when carrying drink alcohol in restaurants … Not so obvious … if as avoid additional cost “opened wine – beer”.
  • The meal at the restaurant Europe: normally takes at least 2 hours from 1:30 to 1 meal for Europe is something very normal … so we should not take it as strange because that is the style of the European Food Europe. It is often served for each dish, all this stuff and then move onto other items such as cleaning up rushing at the Asian restaurant. It should especially be noted that both ate food group and the whole crew were then discontinued knives, forks etc … then by that time people just moved new service next dish .. If there is still someone in the group still eat, people still have not cleaned the table until the end of the table and then they stop for other dishes out … that means they cater to both delegations at the same time, and not have to serve one by one …
  • When calling the waiter served in the restaurant or at the hotel, normally we just raise your hand, they will find the right … & runs to avoid: cry screaming or calling the waiter snapped his fingers … that’swhat very dark rider with European and American. Guests should ask local tour guide help when you need to call or need help …

5, the bus:

  • The driver in the developed countries, especially in Europe, often working 10 hours / 1 day, max 11 & mandatory driver to sleep – a minimum rest 12h / 1 day. Because the control system on the vehicle, so the Police Traffic European countries almost controlled very easily.
  • For some reason the overcrowded tourist resorts & tourism vehicles out on, so in the old city in the European country, visitors often have to walk a lot …
  • Unlike the traffic laws of the countries in Asia, visitors flock bus down one place up in one hotel & pick another point.
  • Guests must be concentrated enough at destination, and then run to pick up a new car. Bus Absolutely not stop too long …., So very heavy penalty. Drop-down or pick up the bus to run leaves the station immediately. Because avoiding vehicle congestion at peak places or vehicles crossing density too much,so the car must wait, not waiting for passengers … other vehicles with traffic laws of the countries in Asia totally.
  • In the case of drivers overtime or sleep, rest is not sufficient to ensure his health safety mistaken Traffic & lives to passengers during travel up the European Police checked very tight … & heavy fines and even imprison the visitors chase down car & etc. …
  • Bottom line: we need to comply with the traffic rules in Europe, as well as the hours go back with a reminder of local tour guides.

6, Electricity & phone:

– Europe use 220 ​​Volt, 50 Hz.

– Phone: may call at the hotel but getting rates 3 ​​times compared with outside. Because the length of stay of the delegation in each country are very few so it’s best if people communicate much about Vietnam, register roaming service in Vietnam to use their mobile phones in Europe, while the touch little, buy a Sim of prepaid international calling and registration and roaming for the operator Viettel from Vietnam (details contact phone number Viettel) to contact the European side. Note if the use of roaming services in the telephone network of Vietnam cost calls, receive calls quite expensive, so just listen, call to meet the necessary cases.

– System coin telephone calls were no longer popular in Europe. Sim bought in the country, can only be used to buy their water should not encourage customers to buy group travel for a lot of water.

7, Time:

– Time Europe now go after Vietnam 5 hours (daylight saving) and 6 hours (winter hours). In May will use daylight savings time.

8, Behave:

– No littering, smoking in public places especially in hotels. Only allow smoking where smoking as smoking room, where the symbol ashtray. Do not throw cigarette butts, chewing gum releases, spitting indiscriminately … in public places. If the violation will be fined between 50-800 € Uros depending on each country.

– Order queuing at immigration counters, exchange offices, ticket counters, counter, or place of sale or bus shelters, taxi, public toilets … etc …

– When to go right through the lines for pedestrians or use tunnels or overpasses.

– Do not speak loudly in public places, such as in: Hotel, restaurant, on rail cars, etc …

– Do not burp (hiccups) in the meal, which was taboos of the Europeans.

– The EU often greeting “Hello” or “Hi” to meet in the elevator or sitting at the dining table. “Please – Please” or “Thank You – Thank You” or “I’m sorry – sorry” is often heard when in need of help or trading, day traders from Europe.

9, Items to bring:

* ASIAN. Clothes – Shoes:

Winter: wear m ũ sweaters, gloves, scarves, dresses, shoes, etc … winter is warm enough for regular to go outdoors more …

Summer: bring one thin coat, neck scarf thin displacement if any

– Consider wearing athletic shoes, sandals, light shoes with comfortable low heeled, pointy avoid overly high clogs … because very inconvenient to have to walk a lot in Europe, especially in the summer.

  • Do not bring clothes, suitcase, handbag, wallet, shoes, watches, sunglasses … as clones, author of the world famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Lacoste, Ecco, Guess Valentino, Puma, Adidas, Nike … because if detected, will be severely punished at the international airport or at the border European countries.

* B. Movie:

– So buy film photography, video tapes, digital imaging cards and spare batteries in Vietnam to bring buyers in Europe because if the price is quite expensive.

* C. Plug-in socket connector:

– Sockets in Europe usually 2 prong round but often deep in the wall. It should be prepared buyers connector plugs available in Vietnam and cheap to need when charging mobile phones, cameras or camcorders . (DIT on up – Output is pin round)

* D. Personal drug use:

– Be equipped with individual drug bag consists of specific drugs for your disease.

* HEY. Other items:

– Bring items, personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, hats, umbrellas (cell), oil and wind …

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10 Other Things to note:

In Europe the situation pickpockets, purse robbed … very popular and often so you should be careful about personal belongings and papers passport, money, bags in public places. About the jewelry should not take much when traveling. Money should be put into private pockets and to the people, especially must be careful with your passport, credit cards and money

– You do not leave money, valuable personal belongings, passports .. Room. If the loss of the property without compensation.

– The things in the room if lost pay compensation under the provisions of the hotel price.

– In Europe, you can drink water at any place. To save, you can use to collect drinking water bottle. The price of bottled water in Europe rather suffer depending on the brand. However, if you buy at the supermarket mineral water is cheap 3 to 4 times higher than the retail price outside.

– Remember to bring your name card of the hotel room as misplaced.

– In Europe most of the sights are to walk very far because almost in big cities & the ancient city in Europe are not allowing vehicles traveling into the center so you will have to walk very lot. Sometimes if you need to use the public transport system including Metro, Subway, Train, bus,

– Each person allowed 2 bottles of wine & 2 tobacco brought into Europe. So in Vietnam buy cheaper when bought in Europe. $ 1 pack of cigarettes / 5 euros.

– Ordering the sights as well as the hotel, the organizers may change to suit the actual situation, but the hotel will be equivalent while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and total points view remains unchanged compared to the program has launched.

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