Three ways to enjoy a day in Phuket

Although spending by saving or comfort, guests can still enjoy an exciting day at Paradise Island Phuket, Thailand.


Phuket is located in the South of Thailand, is the largest island in the country. Visitors here will enjoy the beautiful natural environment of tourist sites and experience the many recreational areas in most rows. Here are 3 hints how to explore Phuket with 3 different cost levels.


Before 9 pm, you look to nh ng airport rong sold focus outside the mosque in the State I to enjoy local-style breakfast. It is lod chong (Pandan noodles with coconut and sugar water), sweet tea and Carnation milk in large cups, only 40 baht .

20150521081411-phuket-travelti-1 ( car sold lod chong (often called the Thai tea). Photo: blogspot.

Then, you can be yourself green down to the beach. The beach beds are free of charge to save a tidy sum for you. A NAP in the shade, you combine the use of massages on the beach for about 500 baht. Your lunch is fish curries contain in banana leaves, tom yum soup and hokkien mee (fried noodles). All cost about 100 baht.

Way down to 25 m high Buddha looks out over Chalong, then stopping and sightseeing in the Temple of Chalong is ornate. Next, guests enjoy a Singha beer and watching the sun set over the three beaches (Kata Noi, Kata and Karon) from top of Karon with price 80 baht. Kalim Bay dinner at the pizzeria across the street open until 21 h, with about 100 baht.

Eating is done, you can relax by viewing Bangla boys moved about and dancers performing in bars. You spend the night in the hostel with Siam Na 800 baht.

Total cost: 1,620 baht

Easy enjoyment

In the morning you enjoy a homemade mango juice at the Swisshotel, 4-Star Resort Phuket, before taking part in a training session at the Muay Thai martial arts (free of charge). After it was hot with the martial traditions of the Thai people, you could heat by hiring a boat at the beach of Laem Singh beach next to Kamala for 1,500 baht (973,000 us dollars).

Noon, visitors dine at the restaurant One Chun with crab cream sauce and Coconut Curry with price 280 baht. Then, you can pocket a few recipes Thai cookery school in excellent Blue Elephant. The cost for a study session about 2,800 baht.

20150521081446-phuket-travelt-2 ( OneChun. Photo: Asiaweb.

Finish cooking class, you should treat yourself to a delicious drink while enjoying the sunset and dine at the BiMi Beach Club on the beach Surin. Don’t miss the grilled fish with spicy sauce jim jaew and mojito mixed from the local rum, of 820 baht.

Or you try some drinks: vodka cocktail, limoncello, lemon Thai, Sly in the Club next door-Beach Club for 290 baht. In the end, the visitors ended day one in 4 star hotels with a price break from baht 4,720.

Total cost: 10,410 baht

Spend money drop ga

Morning, you see cruising at Cape Panwa Hotel Marina to a Thai meal off. You will have 5 hours on the boat to relax and start the new day. Breakfast done, you start diving or kayaking on the sea with 130,000 baht.

Then, you move the ship at houses to seaside for lunch at Joe’s Downstairs, where the work of Aaron Hooper, leading Thai chef. You definitely have to try the blue crab cakes or sandwiches by Joe (Joe’s Famous Burger) with price 1,500 baht.

Note that you should not eat too no, by afternoon will experience the game adventure wire tightrope. The maximum weight for the participants was 120 kg, the price of this service is 3,250 baht.

a day in Phuket, Thailand, Bang Tao, the Marina Cape Panwa, Phuket tours
Joe’s restaurant Downstair in Phuket. Photo: phuketdinning.

When the next afternoon, visitors to special bars for the island of Phuket, Baba Nest, located in the health resort of Sri Panwa. Here, you try to SIP a tropical cocktail and watch the sun set.

Up to, you book a table at the restaurant Baba the Soul Food, enjoy Thai or toro sushi and lobster comparison between Phuket and Canada at a Japanese restaurant Baba Iki. The meal is priced at about 5,100 baht. Finally, visitors enjoy informal wine and party at the Villa facing the sea, with private pool. Price per night in here from 22,400 baht.

Total cost: 162,250 baht

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