Tiong Bharu classical and modern beauty between Singapore

Many visitors has come Singapore not once but not necessarily less known fascinating beauty of Tiong Bahru neighborhoods.

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Leave behind life of Singapore with the bustling entertainment district of Universal Studios Singapore, the modern shopping malls and bustling on Orchard Road, Suntec City area or the restaurant, bustling dining area at Clark Quay…, tourists visit Tiong Bahru-the island’s oldest neighborhoods lion will feel the serene beauty of Singapore and Learn more about the daily life of the inhabitants of this place.

Where a mixture of classical and modern Singapore

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Neighborhoods of Tiong Bahru in Singapore is a testament to the saying “what was old is new again”. Built in the 1930 ‘s, this place is also known as Mei Ren Wu (meaning of beauty) do men often hide the girlfriends of the stylish decorated House. The longstanding collective living quarters here possesses unique architecture with a circular balcony and window flashing.

The neighborhood still retains the ancient beauty but renovated in recent years to attract tourists. Tiong Bahru is a blend of the ancient and modern Singapore. In the morning, you will find the picture of the old man gathered and slowly enjoy a traditional breakfast with cakes of rice water (zhui kueh) on the cup of coffee (Kopi). Meanwhile, at the bus stop, the young people with cups of coffee on hand are hustle into the morning rush hour. The spleen of the cards, Mahjong, sing the morning of birds in cages, the same tune bass, treble of modern music coming from inside the car makes a peaceful setting, with people, with the sound and color the new medium has just past.

Alluring beauty of ancient streets Tiong Bahru

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At Tiong Bahru, you can find many small and beautiful book store, the warm cake shop, the Cafe is decorated in art where the corner part charismatic beauty of Tiong Bahru. Visitors come here to find the unique items in the store. Strangelets shop is located on the famous Siak Yong with European style furniture design is full of differences under the shape of these animals, or book store Books Actually renowned as one of the locations where the magazine Travel & Leisure advises you should look up to.

The art Cafe is a point of exploring are indispensable in Tiong Bahru. Café buffs should not miss the coffee Drips on the Poh Tiong with ample space, cozy and stylish design reminiscent of the coffee shops in New York, serves coffee and cakes fruit carving. The café cum art gallery Orange Thimble on the Eng Hoon is also a typical pattern in Tiong Bahru art café-serving delicious latte milk fresh and delectable almond puddings. The most famous is successor to the Cafe 40 Hands Aussie style on the Yong Siak. Kiosks are always available at the weekend by the adherents of this drink often finding came here to enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious sandwich variety.

Tiong Bahru is also known with the markets sell fresh food. Professional chefs and housewives often to Tiong Bahru market at the corner of Lim Liak and Seng Poh to buy food, meat, fish, fresh seafood. Explore Tiong Bahru to perceive the beauty of modern and old full of life between islands of lion.

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