Tips Cheap hotel in Singapore

Choose low season or the hotel is located far from the center will help you get cheap rooms, save money traveling Lion island.

If applied flexibly tips below, you can find up to 60% room.


Reservations in peak time

One of the easiest ways to save costs in Singapore are planning to go to avoid the peak season. By the time the peak of the hotel will have more deals more attractive.

Guests booking through the website for a discount as agoda, booking … Some hotels in Singapore in low season when up to 60% room discount.

Peak period in Singapore fell in June 3-5 and August – 10. However, you should avoid September because Formula 1 car race.

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Low Season Tourism will help you earn more cheap rooms with attractive incentives.

Go on weekdays

In the middle of the week, the hotel is aimed at business travelers arrivals, meetings instead of pleasure. So you can easily accommodate in the hotel room rather cheap. Be comfortable with your travel schedule and conversion time at check-in. Another point worth noting is should find hotels specialist for the work if you can only get to Singapore at the weekend.

If interested in interior and accessible location, you will be pleased that the hotel for business people close to the MRT station (subway), is equipped with beautiful furniture, equipped with free wireless network , gym, swimming pool …

Find the hotel is located far from the center

In Singapore, there are some densely populated county with moderate priced hotels for the tourists. The address consists of several rooms located far from cheap for the center, the business and shopping district. However, you still find it easy to move thanks to the convenience of the MRT system.Almost from the hotel guests just walk to the train station.

The district of Singapore you can find hotels like this on the Geylang, Changi, L avender, Little India and Chinatown.

When looking for hotels in Singapore on the reservation system, in addition to lookup county, area (hotel area), then you should also assess Hotel (star rating). To save guests chose to have 2-star hotel with rates under $ 100 / night or in hostel (room types like hotels but for long-term stay) with 1 star.

Find cheap hotel chain under $ 100

If guests want to have a clean room, furniture and amenities such as free wireless network and laundry service, try searching the above criteria.There are 3 hotel chains in Singapore savings rates: 81, Gragrance and Santa Grand. Here, they give you more than 50 hotels across Singapore and most rooms priced under $ 100 / night.

Leveraging room “available cheaper”

Guests smart good use this method to find room in Singapore. This source of alternative accommodation is the room “special” in the hostel. People comment this room quite messy, noisy, and often lack privacy for guests’ children and bloody adventure “.

In Singapore, you find many hostel again clean, modern and well managed.In fact, some are furnished hostel facilities such as coffee, sun loungers.These places can meet the needs of guests traveling alone and groups of 4 people. Almost this room only cost under $ 50 / night.

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