Tips to remember when traveling to Hong Kong

Avoid spitting in public places or you will be fined 5,000 HKD, remember to buy Octopus card for shopping and travel more easily with the public transport.

Hong Kong has a combination of two cultures East – West Should the city always bustling and crowded. To complete the journey of discovery you should note the following.


Always carry money

Hong Kong is a place renowned dining and entertainment in the world, so the cost is quite expensive from hotel prices to eat. Everything becomes difficult if you only have a few individual contracts in person.

No spitting indiscriminately

If some parts of mainland China accept such a job spitting dispel evil spirits, in Hong Kong it is never acceptable. After the SARS outbreak in 2003, the spit was officially banned in Hong Kong. Currently, you will fined 5,000 HK dollars (14 million) if the offense.


Signboards banning spitting in Hong Kong. Photo: expatsblog.

Moving slowly

Hong Kong is very crowded, so you walk though the crowd was hindering the speed. Suppose you bypass these small openings, the companion will not keep up and touch each other. Also, in the winter the humidity here is quite high and if you hurry you will sweat very uncomfortable.

Wear thin towel because the temperature difference

Because the temperature in the summer months are very hot. You just walked out of the Air will instantly sweating profusely. If you come to Hong Kong at this time, remember to bring towels and thin coats because all buildings are air-conditioned to 20 degrees C or colder than outside.

Explore improvisation

Hong Kong is a tourist destination with numerous interesting landscapes, sounds, smells nicely in every corner. You do not need too strict a schedule to follow up thoroughly. Do not be afraid to explore a city, temple or attractive eateries along the way. A little improvisation might bring many surprises for visitors.

Study some sentences to communicate basic Cantonese

Hong Kong residents speak Cantonese differs from the majority of people speak Mandarin Chinese. Most Hong Kong people can speak both Mandarin and English, but the taxi driver who spoke English at least, even if they meet the foreign tourists.

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A street corner in traffic in Hong Kong. 

Therefore, you should prepare a map to show the driver where to go. In any country in the world, local people will have more sympathy than if you try to speak of them. Hong Kong is no exception. The three most common words you should learn is hello, thank you and goodbye.

Buy Octopus card

If you are in Hong Kong for more than a day, the Octopus card purchase is necessary (like Oyster cards in the UK but offers more Vietnam). This type 50 KHD (140,000 contracts) makes it easy to move in any metro station, supermarket, and can recharge at the very location. With Octopus you can use all kinds of convenient public transport (except taxi), shopping at several stores like Circle K. systems and 7Eleven

Bargain purchases

If to the local market, never accept even the sale price given. First take a longer half-price bargain and proved tougher than you pretend to know the real price of the item. At first, make sure they do not agree. If you can pretend to not care much and discarded items, the seller will hold you back.Thus, you can buy items at prices better than the original.

Excursions to other islands further edge Hong Kong

The Main Street, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay more than enough to fascinate all visitors. However, those areas on Hong Kong Island’s most modern urban centers and densely populated, only represents one side of the place.

If you have more time in treks, you should visit some other islands to experience the tranquility of the village seemed ancient fishing – a face “slow life” than of Hong Kong. Some suggested that Cheung Chau Island, Lamma, Tai O fishing village …


Peaceful scenery on Cheung Chau Island. 

Shopping at the market

Hong Kong is known as the shopping paradise with many huge shopping center with all the famous brands to choose from. However, if just vicious in the cool building, lit store, you will miss part enjoyable experience here.

The Hong Kong clothing market is the ideal place to buy souvenirs and other things unique to affordable, can bargain. Some highlights are the Ladies Market in Mongkok Market and The Lanes in Central.

Avoid taxis during peak hours

At that time, almost taxi will not be moved between vehicles on the road long lines. Unless you like crowds trapped in a vertical stack, patiently waiting in the car, but not select subway. This means both cheap, fast, clean, and convenient because passenger service network in most places in the city. Especially not your subway ride facing traffic jams story.

Try street food

Go eat luxury restaurant will cost expensive and less choices. Moreover, the restaurant in the Soho Central or often lack local flavor. Instead, you should down the street to sample many dishes are cheap, tasty, featuring Hong Kong as shumai, gold fish balls, egg cake, pineapple cake …

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