Top 10 attractive tourist destination near Seoul

Sleeping in a traditional house, explore the neighborhood States or wandering the nooks of old villages are the things you should not overlook when to Korea.

10 attractive travel experiences near Seoul.


Cycling along the river Namhan-gang: The riverside bike path Namhan-gang River is part of bicycle route through four major rivers in Korea, stretching 1,757 km. 80 km Roadmap will bring tourists peaceful natural surroundings, peaceful river. You can rest assured when cycling with family because this place is totally forbidden and quality automotive high standard roads.


Discover Seoul walls: In recent years, city council has invested in the construction Seoul walking routes around Seoul Citadel. Way of hiking with over 20 km in length is not simple, but promises to give visitors the impression vast space from the summit, along with the knowledge of the history of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.


Wandering in the village Seochon: This area used to be the residence of affordable classes, stretching from eastern mountain slopes until Inwangsan ancient walls. This is the place to save the unique architectural features of the ancient Korea with the winding alleys like mazes. Today, it is home of many artists with galleries featuring antiques, art galleries and souvenir shop unique.


Explore the city of Andong: Andong is famous as the cradle of Korean Confucianism and has many private schools in the country most of the Joseon period. Today, 26 schools still in operation. Andong is known as the “cultural capital of South Korea Spirituality” with valuable works as Hahoe Village, Dosan Confucian Academy, Bongjeongsa temples, ancient village of Andong, Andong Soju museum …


Relax by the pool Daechung: How close to 2 hours drive from Seoul, is the largest artificial lake Daechung Tuesday in South Korea and is the appropriate place for a picnic trip of the family. Here, visitors can have fun at the amusement park Daecheong Dam, stroll along the lake or join the photography course.


Enjoy mountain and ocean scenery in Gangneung: Gangneung is a city to attract people in Seoul every weekend with sea and mountain scenery blends. You can visit the fish market, Korea’s largest Jumunjin, enjoy fresh seafood and natural panoramic view over snowy mountain in winter Sunjaryong.


Visit Stadium in Sangam-dong World Cup: World Cup 2002 forced Sangnam-dong city transformed itself from a large landfill of Seoul become a tourist attraction for the city people. Sangnam-dong with the Olympic Stadium, 6 major parks and many buildings of large companies such as MBC, CJ E & M …


Experience a traditional home stay in Gyeongju: Gyeongju was the capital of ancient Shilla Dynasty in Korea. Here, visitors can admire the ancient monuments bring many unique blueprint of the Shilla Kingdom with age up to hundreds of years, the museum, and many temples. Try to stay in traditional Korean houses will certainly add to the impression for your trip.


Enjoy superb barbeque: Hoengseong not only attract visitors by natural beautiful natural scenery, tranquility, but also by the high quality beef here. Outside activities camping, picnicking, hiking, you should not ignore steaks featured cities Cheap Hoengseong with just half in Seoul.


Discover China Town Incheon: Not just popular with the international airport, Incheon also a destination for travelers to explore the neighborhood States with more than 100 years old. You can learn the culture, Chinese cuisine handed down the generations here. After enjoying the delicious finished, visitors should take the time to stroll through the old town with many buildings bringing Japanese architecture or artistic and cultural center of Incheon.
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