Top 10 Cities Tourism 2015

Tourist info renowned Lonely Planet has named 10 cities were rated as the brightest point to the world in 2015.

1. Washington, USA


Coming to the city topped the list, Washington, tourists can visit the White House, the Smithsonian Institute or track directly Hokey League National Cup.


2. El Chalten, Argentina

2015 is the year anniversary of El Chalten 30s will surely attract many tourists come to the atmosphere cheerful, engaging trekking explore Los Glaciares National Park.


3. Milan, Italy

Milan elegance and sophistication of Italy will welcome visitors everywhere in Expo Milano 2015 fair colorful and dining activities, fun lasts from May to October.


4. Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland ancient town of spectacular beauty of the mountains of the Alps and the terrain ideal for winter sports here will attract many visitors.

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5. Valletta, Malta

2015 marks 450 years of wars Great siege to beat Malta by the Ottoman Empire. In Valletta still preserving many old buildings from the 17th century however modern life here is very harmonious with the parliament building or outdoor concert space.


6. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is seen as a mysterious jewel of urban Europe because this is an important crossroads of two cultures East and West.


7. Salisbury, UK

2015, the city of Salisbury was born 500 years anniversary of Magna Carta (Great Charter) is one of the important legal documents in English history. Salisbury also known for world travelers by ancient Stonehenge landscape.


8. Vienna, Austria

Vienna will celebrate the 150th anniversary of age Ringstrasse, Hapsburg royal road construction


9. Chennai, India

Thanks to the opening of new subway lines that Chennai promises to be brilliant destination in 2015. In addition to attractive places like the temple has beautiful architecture, the research institute of traditional dance, Chennai also the film capital of India’s second largest.


10. Toronto, Canada

Toronto featured a multicultural city in the world with more than 140 languages ​​are used.


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