Top 10 city with the cheapest tour Europe

If you’re wondering not know where to go for the upcoming long vacation, the 10-city European tour later this cheap is the ideal choice for you.

1. Bruges, Belgium: This small city of Belgium as an ancient painting takes you back to the golden years of European prosperity.


Here you can combine walking and boat on the canal surf. Price for each 30-minute boat trip is 7 euros. Tourists can easily go into the alley, dodging.The rent a car for 15 euros  a day.
2. Budapest, Hungary: A cheap tourist destination year round. Many visitors will be thrilled with the church and castle here. However, new hot spring bath main tourist attraction of this place.

3_3 Bettertraveltips.com3. Edinburgh (Scotland’s capital): It attracts tourists by 2 different city: The ancient city and the modern city. These are the 4500 world heritage buildings recognized. Edinburgh ravishing stretches in the mountains, by the sea, there is a noisy, busy of a metropolis, but also no shortage of romantic peaceful corner of the countryside.4_3 Bettertraveltips.com4. Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki The most prominent feature of which is the area around the harbor with flea market and Kauppahali (Old Market Hall), where visitors can enjoy food Finland and buy souvenirs. Right next to the park that is Espalanadi – the green lung of the city and the most famous cafes in the capital. From the harbor go up a bit as Oxthodox famous church, parliament squares, churches and cathedrals White stone.


5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovia: While most visitors to Eastern Europe to visit Sarajevo of Bosnia’s capital, the small city of Mostar in Herzegovina area is also famous for no less valid for the pilgrimage. The picturesque city is home to the famous Stari Most bridge of the Balkans and is surrounded by verdant mountains, this makes the city really comes alive in the summer months.6_2 Bettertraveltips.com6. Porto, Portugal: It is difficult to resist the beauty of the city’s second romantic Portugal-Porto. Situated on the shores of the Rio Douro, this town is a convergence of color and unique architectural style. Also due to the economic situation should in recent years the cost of living of Portugal has dropped significantly, thus travel expenses here are also much more affordable than in other Western European countries.7_2 Bettertraveltips.com7. Salzburg-Austria: Salzburg is in western Austria, close to the German border, less than 300km from Munich. Although small Salzburg but here again there is some spectacular scenery as captivating by the ancient buildings were built hundreds of years ago and the natural beauty unspoiled by time as: Park Hohe Tauern national, Wolfgangsee lake, the river runs through the heart downtown, the beautiful peaks of the majestic Alps …8_2 Bettertraveltips.com8. Seville, Spain: Come to Seville, visitors will quickly be attracted by the romantic old town, fiery performances and breathtakingly beautiful flamenco dancer’s heart.9_1 Bettertraveltips.com9. Tallinn, Estonia: Old Town has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, the hybrid culture between Russia and Scandinavia, is an attractive place for people who want to walk to visit the city.10_1 Bettertraveltips.com10. Verona, Italy: Located in northern Italy, Verona is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is also one of the tourist destinations in Italy attractive for cultural historical monuments, unique buildings like the Coliseum (Roman Arena), Piazza delle Roman Square Erbe, Lamberti tower. ..

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