Top 10 destination in the world of colors

You will be completely overwhelmed by the seemingly picture can only meet in a dream or a fool films of Wes Anderson’s vision with excellent scenery of this place.

1. Field of lavender Lavender (France)


Purple, brilliant, immense region of lavender has put on the city Provence a peaceful setting, poetic and beautiful.
In the hot summer months, the fresh purple lavender fields stretching to the horizon headline viewer’s eye is always cooled by soft colors and scent wafted in the wind sweeping in.

2. volcanic island Procida (Italy)

With its colorful houses, small island Procida in Italy has always enchanted visitors by its unique feature.Destinations colors, Flower field, Lavender,Procida, Lake Retba, Great Barrier ReefReflection on the Mediterranean coast, the village becomes more brilliant Procida, giving viewers feeling lost in the house made of candy with a full color in fairy tales.

3. Cano Cristales Shining River (Colombia)

Also known as the Shining river – Cano Cristales in Colombia known as the most beautiful natural river world by a sprawling oner-season at the moment.The entire river exudes its luster by the array of red, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange of algae, moss and other plant species live under the clear waters.cano-cristales-o-colombia-1439354725 Bettertraveltips.comIf you go to Columbia at the time of transfer between the rainy and dry seasons, you should not ignore this great wonder of nature.

4. Lake “strawberry milk” in Senegal

RetbaRetba lake is inhabited by algae is ideal Dunaliella salina – species tolerate high salinity and is also the cause of color lake miraculous metamorphosis from blood red, pink to pale pink like strawberry milk.retba-o-senegal-1439354725 Bettertraveltips.comUnlike others lakes, wondrous colors of lake Retba bring a new feel, surprised lost in wonderland with giant strawberry milk tank seemed sweet but full of sea saltiness .It is this unique and incredible that lake Retba always bring pleasure and excitement to visitors who come here.

5. Field of Tulips in Holland

Coming to the Netherlands, visitors will delight admire the brilliant tulips field colorful, from red, orange, yellow, pink to purple, blue, brown, white …In September, a field of tulips in full bloom racing and chin chu creates trimmed in rows, each color array marvelous.lan-1439354726 Bettertraveltips.comThe fields seemed to be created from wooden pencils colorful, painted a paradise full of flowers and scents that anyone will want once was immersed in it.

6. coral reef largest in Australia

With a length of 2.027km, coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef are the most popular destinations in the world with vibrant colors are created from the coral symbiosis with algae mixed colors.


Wonders of the world is also home to over 400 species of coral, 500 species of seaweed and 1,500 colorful fish.With stretches of sandy beach and constantly change color of sea creatures coral reef that is sure to be full of interesting destination for tourists in the summer.

7. Yellow Sea in Louping floral wealth (China)

Every spring to Luoping – a district in northeast China – the unwinding steeped in golden fields of flowers immense wealth, endless.Interspersed are bumpy hill crest hats upside looks like mid-field bright yellow, signaling a breezy spring is coming.1439354726- Bettertraveltips.comSea of ​​yellow flower field improvement improved Louping is China’s largest and one can hardly resist the charm, immense yellow vibrant fresh this.

8. Valley of Flowers National Parks in India

Visit the national parks of India, you will be completely overwhelmed by the bright colors of countless different flowers like entering Wonderland filled with color.1439354726 Bettertraveltips.comWith over 300 species of blooming flowers, the valley becomes a tapestry of colorful brilliant crossing slopes, do less wild calculation of the Himalayas and adorned high mountains covered year round This fog.

9. Flower Hill Shibazakura (Japan)

Situated at the foot of Mount Fuji, just around May 4-5 annual expenditure hill blossoms also known as flower shibazakura (by invoking the Japanese) are in full bloom with pink sun blisters, white, pink, purple Pale, interwoven to create a beautiful painting titled paradise scenes and willing to do whatever infatuation tourists come here.shibazakura-o-nhat-ban-1439354726 Bettertraveltips.comWith this type of closely planted, the shibazakura colorful petals form a fragrant carpet covered the ground and hillside, soften the cold of snow, creating a beautiful flower paradise rapture place cradling title the scene.

10. Red Lake natron (Tanzania)

Located hot dry coastal plain and bordering crater, lake natron lake is considered death with its fierce red.With salt and alkaline lakes in Tanzania where natron quite dangerous for animals and visitors, it is only suitable for algae and halophilic organisms.Bright red as the blood of the lake was also due to the photosynthetic algae produce.natron-o-tanzania-1439354726 Bettertraveltips.comAlgae organisms patchy bright red make up on the lake natron ferocious, Tanzania – Photo: PurewowThough harsh, but for those travelers love to explore the magnificent scenery of the lake natron nature would be the appropriate choice with an impressive scenery and unique colors.


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