Top 10 liveable cities in the world in 2015

Melbourne, Australia topped the list of 10 most liveable city world by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2015 (EIU), the economic news agency of The Economist published.


10 liveable cities in the world in 2015.


1. Melbourne, Australia: Criteria for EIU based evaluation and ranking of the world’s cities: the standard quality of life, good infrastructure, good health care and lower murder rates. Topping the list this year is Melbourne – representatives from Australia.


2. Vienna, Austria: Diane Naar-Elphee, a travel expert Telegraph said: “Vienna is a city of charm visitors right from the first meeting. Culture, cuisine and landscape … here are really great. “


3. Vancouver, Canada: When it comes to Vancouver, travel experts said they encourage you to explore the culture and enjoy the food at the multiracial restaurant here. Surely you will not be disappointed.


4. Toronto, Canada: This is from Monday to represent Canada in this list. Speaking of Toronto, Paul Wade, travel experts Telegraph said: “You will be mesmerized by the tall buildings of modern, large art museums, chic restaurants and leading opera houses. This is also an ideal destination for skiing in winter “.


5. Adelaide, Australia: Adelaide is known as the city of 20 minutes, because it only takes so many hours to move from the center to the sea or hill climb scenic Adelaide Hills. It also has many festivals and events for tourists to participate as Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Adelaide Fringe … Along ranked 5th with Adelaide is Calgary, Canada.


6. Sydney, Australia: Sydney often compared is a beautiful city but pale, like a hot blonde girl but stupid. But if you spend enough time to learn here, sure Sydney will make you have a look of admiration.


7. Perth, Australia: Perth is a city with a distinctive personality, generous people. It is also known for delicious cuisine and fine wine and beautiful beaches.


8. Auckland, New Zealand: The port city located north of New Zealand is a vibrant, accessible and has many interesting tourist activities like hiking on the volcanic island, swimming at the beach West Sea.


9. Zurich, Switzerland: The city owns the old quarter of Europe’s most beautiful restaurant, surround it are the hills, the lake and the Alps far is legendary. Looks peaceful, quaint little shops along the beautiful and rich history and culture here has helped Zurich long since become one of the most visited destinations in the world.Is tied with Zurich Hensinki, the beautiful capital of Finland.

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10. Helsinki, Finland: Hesinki is the capital and largest city in Finland. Summer is a great time to tour Helsinki because this is the time of many unique festivals like goodbye winter carnival.
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