Top 10 most beautiful locations in France

France was always in the national list of the most visited in the world. There is good reason here to welcome guests with wine, fine cuisine and romantic scenery.

From the location to the scenery magnificent countryside … everywhere is wearing a strange attraction.
Here are the top 10 most beautiful locations, the best fans in France.


1. The Loire Valley

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Loire featured with natural beauty and “collection” of castles and luxury villas, beautiful “free table”. Go here to see a fairy in France.
2. Mont Saint-Michel


Second only to the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel is considered to be where the most beautiful views and France. Cheerful, beautiful island monastery with gothic Benidictine style, the medieval village and the winding road.
3. Côte d “Azur

Southeastern coast of the Mediterranean with blue beach attracts a lot of tourists, celebrities, artists come here, including Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.
4. Giverny


Giverny as a gentle bucolic song but lingering why you will never forget once you come here. In front of you and you get a green painting with water lilies, willows hanging over the water, river sides are pink house on the boat.
5. Versailles


Situated on the outskirts of Paris, Versailles is an important administrative center and tourist attraction to be proud of its true sense. The grand palace is decorated with elaborately crafted gardens will make you enjoy the admiring exclaimed.
6. Annecy, Alps


Even in winter or summer, the Alps have always been many tourists visiting by next ski resort, where there are the picturesque town. This place is considered to be the most photogenic places in France.
7. Champagne-Ardenne


This is the birthplace of the kind most attractive champagne France with endless vineyards. Besides beautiful scenery here will make you think he was returning to medieval castles and ancient churches.
8. Strasbourg


Situated right on the border of Germany and France, the world heritage city this brings the characteristics of the two countries overlap. It really is a picturesque town, radiate gravitational masters of the world has passed, hospitable and beautiful.
9. Bordeaux


Cities with more than 350 historic buildings including the cathedral and castle bearing Gothic architecture deserves to be included in the world heritage list the most attractive in the world. One of the most attractive place Bordeaux Quartier Saint-Eloi were charming.
Gorges du Verdon 10


You will see surprised by the wild beauty of the canyon with turquoise waters where the bottom of this area.

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