Top 10 reasons you should travel to China

China is a vast country and full of mystery with the natural landscape, historical monuments.You will spend more time can discover all this country.


The city of Harbin is home to the largest festival Published ice world history from 1963. The sculptures are located throughout the city, concentrated in Sun Island and the world Tapes Snow.

They are arranged according to topics such as the ancient Chinese art, European tales or famous buildings. In particular, visitors can slide on snow toboggan, ski sauna or delight in the resort here.


Every year, 26 kilometers of China Sea once again put on a garish red robes so red grass species in the genus Sueda bring. Coast is located along the canal Lieu Ha and often changed to red in September, when the next nine grassland, about the time left we still have normal green color. To get here, visitors can catch a bus or train from Beijing or Tianjin and visit the impressive scenery with special bridges for tourists.


Danxia topography can be viewed as a natural wonder in the northern region of China. The brilliant sandstone ridges underlying deep hun smoking caves are the envy of those who like to explore adventurous.

Furthermore, also on the list Danxia wonders world. Guests come here, in addition to admire the natural scenery can visit the ancient temples in the region through roads, footpaths were completed relatively good for tourism.


With poetic beauty, romance, travel over 83 km long river from Guilin to Yangshuo is famous for beautiful scenery impressive two banks. This is also the most famous tourist Guangxi and even China. Once there, your guide will tell you the stories associated with each region’s identity. In addition, the ship also will look at many markets, shops and old town.


Van Duong districts – lay across Yunnan Honghe is known for great stay terraced fields. The area is also on the list of world wonders of China. Show industry has not been affected, Van Duong also preserve its natural beauty.

These fields are handmade Hani people had 1,000 years ago in the mountains at an altitude of 1,800 compared to sea level. Although this is a remote area and remote, primitive roads well, but the most experience of life, culture and nature along the minority here will give you a better understanding of the ways ‘hidden edge of the land and people of China.


A beautiful natural surroundings await guests at Thien Mon mountains at an altitude of about 1520 m. However, before coming here you will have to climb over 999 stairs without landing or take the cable car from the foot of the mountain.Thien Mon mountain cable car is also the world’s highest cable car to reach the 1279 m elevation. Also, travelers should also arrive Road Trust – a road is lined with glass to test the fortitude of the visitors.

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Phoenix is ​​considered China’s most beautiful town with beautiful natural scenery surrounding the ancient buildings and the water reflected. This ancient city is located in Hunan Province, which had been popular with travelers thanks Thien Mon majestic mountains. Street thickness have longstanding culture: from the language and customs of ethnic minorities to the work of art, unique architecture. The buildings from the Ming, Qing here are UNESCO preserve and defend extremely well.


The Great Wall is a world heritage site with extremely rich history long, starting from the 7th century BC. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Great Wall has become the largest military architecture in the world.


Huanglong is located on Min Son, is a world heritage by UNESCO. Compared with other natural wonders, the hallmarks of Hoang Long is located in the lake form a picturesque terraced here. Natural landscape was dotted with temples and more Buddhist statues scattered around. Besides dense forests, waterfalls, hot springs, Hoang Long also attracts tourists because it is the hometown of the giant panda and golden snub-nosed monkey Sichuan.


Hong Kong is a tourist destination where you will have to take a bit of time to learn before. Just boisterous noisy, again keeping the tradition, this city attracts tourists from traveling here on the tall skyscrapers eye, shopping, dining and participate in the Water activities at the beach always busy.

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