Top 10 the most beautiful locations in France

France is among the most visited country in the world. Makes sense when welcoming guests here with wine, fine cuisine and the romantic landscape.


From the magnificent place to countryside to … everywhere carrying a strange appeal period.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful places, was in France.

1. The Loire Valley

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Loire highlights the natural beauty and “the collection” the castles and luxury villas, beautiful “long table”. Came here to see one of the fairy.

2. Mont Saint-Michel

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Just behind the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel is considered the most beautiful landscape views to France. The beautiful island of mesmerizing li Benidictine monastery with gothic style, medieval villages and the winding roads winding.
3. The Côte d ‘ Azur

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The South East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, green attracts a lot of tourists, celebrities, popular artists here, including Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

4. Giverny

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Giverny as a gentle country songs but King makes you will never forget once you’ve arrived.In front of you will be displayed a painting of water lilies with green, willow, redbud on water, on the River as the boat House pink.

5. Versailles

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Located on the outskirts of Paris, Versailles is an important administrative centre and tourist attraction right proud of it. The new Palace is ornate with a garden to be manipulated provincially will render you uttered relentlessly.

6. Annecy, the Alps

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Even in winter or summer, the Alps still are always many tourists visit by next ski resort, where there is the picturesque town. This place is considered to be the most photogenic place France.

7. Champagne-Ardenne

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This is the birthplace of most attractive Champagne Wine France with endless vineyards.There is gorgeous scenery where it seems like you are back in the middle ages the castles and ancient churches.

8. Strasbourg

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Located right on the border of Germany and France, this world heritage cities bring both characteristics of mixed national 2. It really is a picturesque town, radiating gravitational lawyers of the world over, the hospitality and the beautiful.

9. Bordeaux

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Cities with more than 350 historical monuments including the Cathedral and the Castle carrying the gothic this deserves to be put on the World Heritage list the world’s most attractive. One of the most attractive place that is Bordeaux Quartier Saint-Eloi charm.

10. the Gorges du Verdon

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You will see sunsets by the wild beauty of the Canyon with turquoise waters where the bottom of this section.

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