Top 10 things to do in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a democratic country in the Central American republic. This is the largest country in Central America, but also has the lowest population density.

1. Cerro Negro volcano Skaters


If you are adventurous and prefer temperatures, hire a skateboard and drop downhill volcanic dust Cerro Negro 1,600-foot elevation, this skateboard sliding at speeds of 50 miles an hour is very interesting and Security full, but with a lot of dirt pitch black.

2. Walk in the Cathedral of León


Climb the bell tower and walked barefoot on the upper dome of the Cathedral of León, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can see the entire city of León scenery spectacular, the beautiful and romantic.

3. Eat at Nicarguan


Nicarguan town famous for snacks like cake pupusas, tortillas, bread nactamale (steamed dough stuffed with meat) and dishes Indio viejo.

4. Relax in San Juan del Sur


Jump on a bus at the Bluebird to San Juan del Sur, a beach town romantic, cool, you’re spoiled for wave surfing, swimming, yoga or watching the sunset over the sea with a cocktail of heat tropical cool, delicious in a bar right on the beach hut sandy.

5. Visit Conquer Concepción volcano Volcano


Concepción Volcano is the second highest mountain in Nicaragua. It is a challenge for even the keen climber, you will cross the region rugged rocky mound, the longer the heat quickly cooled jelly, cross the town and pass a trail tour dark dense forest, mountains covered with fog.

6. Hear the howler monkeys


On the island of Ometepe and San Juan Del Sur forests filled with wild apes living and we screamed loud in the day to make up a very strange sound. Here there are 78 areas of wildlife conservation as donkeys, armadillo, turtles and even jaguars …

7. Walking the streets of Granada town


Walking around the streets of the town of Granada, you have the opportunity to visit the old colonial houses and medieval churches. Interspersed are wine bars, coffee fragrance across the road, and that’s where flickers men, women shop window reflections.

8. Drive the motorcycle around Ometepe Island


Set foot on Ometepe Island, you can visit the volcanoes between Lake Nicaragua, black sand beaches and hot springs Santa Domingo Ojo de Agua natural deep in the forest.

9. Experience Corn Island


Out of the land, to the Corn Islands, tourists will visit the colorful Creole culture decoration, then diving in the Gulf can still water the Caribbean.

10. Join a volunteer project


If the mind and social life because you can travel here just recently joined the volunteer work with other clubs as volunteers teaching English to children on the island, build a sustainable village or security protection of sea turtles along the Pacific coast.

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