Top 10 wedding where the beautiful beaches in the world

The beautiful beach paradise, poetic and romantic as Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, Bali and quiet places and wild is always the number 1 choice for the wedding couple.

1. Fiji: With over 333 islands filled with sunshine, the Fiji Islands is considered an island paradise, suitable for couples weddings.


The luxury hotel in Fiji, there is nothing more perfect. They can arrange everything for you, from the fragrant wine to enjoy between midday prayer until sunset.2 Bettertraveltips.com2. Hawaii: As one of the destinations for organizing lavish weddings, Hawaii popular with couples in the United States. Just like Fiji, it is full of picturesque resort to shooting and weddings with the romantic scenery. Guests can choose Maui and Honolulu if you like the more quiet and distant.3

3. Rarotonga: Centrally located in the Cook Islands, Rarotonga Island tiny pearl Mother Nature was granted in favor of the blue waters of the sea as jade from the South Pacific.This is perfect for your breaks, particularly to keep you and your partner satisfied and confident in his wedding.4 Bettertraveltips.com4. Thailand: If you intend to get married abroad, Thailand is a destination should also be carefully considered. Not just anyone can immerse in the beautiful natural scenery in Ang Thong Marine Park, where your guests can experience much more interesting places nearby. However, you can choose from several countries in Southeast Asia to replace as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar.5 Bettertraveltips.com5. Bali: Capital paradise known as discovery experience vibrant life every night, but Bali couples also choose to organize a romantic wedding party in Indonesia. Although the venue is the blue beach or near volcano clouds floating away, the spectacular scenery, friendly people here are always a highlight important.6 Bettertraveltips.com6. Mauritius: Mauritius possesses many beautiful beaches, white sand stretches with many luxurious hotels and romantic. Quite far inland, nestled in turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa, Mauritius thus suited for vacation resorts, wedding and the moonlight sweet honey.7 Bettertraveltips.com7. Sri Lanka: Last Located south Indian coast and well known on the world tourist map, the island of Sri Lanka is seen as a great sea paradise. The beautiful beaches, filled with lush green palm hills, large hotels, affordable and elegant, suitable for couples in love to marry, party here.8 Bettertraveltips.com8. Italy: Italy is a romantic destination with ancient churches, ancient castles scattered across the country, spoiled for you to discover and visit the time that she forgot to gradually drift. But it also has many beautiful places to hold weddings in the coastal area of ​​Amalfi and Maratea in a luxury hotel and a nice view.9 Bettertraveltips.com9. Cambodia: If you want to select remote destinations, secluded and peaceful for wedding parties and the beautiful unspoilt beaches, where only friends and family present, Song Saa resort in Cambodia an intelligent choice. It offers almost everything at the request of visitors and is a not to be missed for the believer cuisine and spa addict.


10. New Zealand: Cathedral Cove in New Zealand is one of the great ambience where to hold the wedding party in the world. With summer sunshine flooded in North Island, make sure you have the beautiful dream wedding shots. Those who love the quiet, romantic beach can look to the black sand beach at the North and South islands to party.

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