Top 3 tourist destination should not be missed when coming France

Monet’s flower garden, the island of Mont Saint Michel, Chenonceau castle is a wonderful destination for you and your family to experience new things.

Here are three sites attract millions of visitors each year.
Monet’s flower garden
Monet – beautiful gardens in the world and is also the source of inspiration of Claude Monet artists with 300 works born during the last 30 years of his life. Many works have become masterpieces, demonstrating the vitality of nature. Every year, nearly one million gardens welcome visitors, to feel the integration between soul Claude Monet and mother nature have contributed to impressive painting schools of the late 19th century.

Monet’s flower garden.

Mont Saint Michel Island

Mont Saint-Michel island is your next destination. This is a world cultural heritage in 1979, combines spectacular natural and mystical structures.708 years, St. Aubert d’Avranches implemented advised by Saint Michel church in his dreams, and in 710, the works are completed, the island of Mont Tombe was renamed Mont Saint-Michel.
The mystery of the island associated with pointy spiers of the monastery, an important part of the movie Lord of the Rings. Special attractions and other abnormalities of the tide, with the island connected to the mainland, sometimes playing with the mighty ocean. Every year, Mont Saint-Michel welcome 3 million visitors.
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Mont Saint-Michel island.

Castle Chenonceau

Tuesday where your castle is Chenonceau reflected the Cher River. You will feel the old aristocratic life with rooms adorned with red cozy, the walls are beautiful paintings. In particular, King Luis XIV gave the castle a photo of yourself, be integrated in a gilded frame. Surrounding the castle is a river and a beautiful flower garden.
15-4-201614-806244431-7188-1461025012 Bettertraveltips.comBesides three new destinations in France and famous, you still have time to explore the heart of Paris with Notre Dame, Montparnasse Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Concorde Square, Champs Élysées …

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