Top 8 things to do while in Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote is one of seven major islands, the easternmost island of the Canary Islands of Spain located off west Africa. 8 places to explore in the island stayed offline.

1. Discover the legendary cave


City famous Lanzarote volcanic caves, specially that formed part of nature, part by volcanic intrusive landscape creates a shimmering infinity cave, legendary. Well, where we’re talking about is César Manrique volcanic caves.

2. Stand atop a volcano


Montañas del Fuego volcano ever made a rapid waters flowing red jelly in a nearby valley.Now, the mountain has been dormant, you can climb the volcano and then tour the ancient nomadic village side lower slopes as well as landscapes and unique lava is unique.

3. Enjoy the taste of wine

Vineyards Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote city famous for wine regions around the volcano area, the soil contains more born of lava mineral alluvial cover up the grapes and wines here have very specific taste nowhere obtain.

4. Montana Bermeja stone beach


Montana Bermeja is a pristine reef, romantic with precious stones and gold scrap, in the past people had to park this rock for gold panning. You can take a stroll early morning on the rocky shore, watching the sunrise, so far as the breaking waves and looming local fishermen fishing boat fishing early.

5. Visit new urban town Manrique


Manrique is a new planning area, featuring buildings, low white blocks simultaneously, striking across the sky, far away from the ancient palm trees several decades old. In this city at night is very busy with music clubs street.

6. Walking on the beach


Papagayos Beach attracts many tourists to visit, this beach has a crescent shape, smooth fine sand, perfect for sunbathing or a stroll in the sand, then you can run up the beach, cool water, fresh air, all very romantic, exciting.

7. Visiting the town of Port Promenade


Take a morning stroll in the town of Port Promenade, you will find peaceful spirit, the water ripples of small boats on the water, swinging in neo-shore winds, onshore as cafes, breakfast bar smelling sweet, extremely impressive, interesting.

8. Surfing


Sea city in Lanzarote also disturbing, is no less beautiful Hawaiian beach, billow, sunny lot, convenient for guests spoiled for skiing or playing tourist wave.

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