Top 9 beautiful parks in the world

In the context of “narrow land East” as it is now, the almost land were the buildings “occupied”. If you want to search for a peaceful space to relax, the Park would be a great choice.

The following would like to introduce to you the the Park has a beautiful and airy space, where you can look to in order to avoid the noisy hustle of urban life.


Griffith Park, Los Angeles

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Located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA-one of the largest urban area in the us. From the Observatory of the Park you can away from the eyes and gaze out the entire scene of downtown Los Angeles. This is also one of the most beautiful locations of Hollywood.

The Park Güell, Barcelona

For a long time, the reputation of the architect Antoni Gaudí was tied Barcelona, especially in the Park Güell in Barcelona also exhibited many of his beautiful work. The Park is located north of the city, is decorated by colorful enamel bricks, from the Park you will observe the scene of bustling streets as well as take in the blue waters of Barceloneta.

Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno was one of the first public parks in Japan and is gathering plenty of flora and fauna, ancient temples and a number of museums. In the spring, the Park is home to Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Festival, to the Park on this occasion you can walk through the lush green gardens and steeped in pale pink hues of cherry blossoms.

Hyde Park, London

One of the 8 districts of the London Royal Park, Hyde is one of the Park’s most beautiful outdoor space and often have more visitors back to the city. The park adjacent to the Kensington Gardens is famous for the Serpentine Lake, with its winding trail and peaceful space.

The Park Central, New York City

Stretching 51 neighborhood, Central Park is a green oasis in the concrete jungle in Manhattan. During the summer, you can go here to visit the fountain and admire the sculptures, then the hiking trails throughout the Park and enjoy a picnic at the Sheep Meadow or Great Lawn. If to the Park in winter, you can skate, visit the Park by horse and enjoy dinner at Tavern on the Green.

Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome

Located on the Tiber River and Trastevere quarter also runs through the Park is the largest landscape Rome this time. The Villa Doria Pamphili, previously served as a private villa area of a Roman noble family Doria Pamphili’s Villa, is now a stunning verdant space with the garden of Tangerine and peaceful lakes around.

Luxembourg Garden, Paris

The garden was created from the 1600s under the orders of Marie de Médicis. This is one of the famous places in Paris, located in the city’s sixth district.

Luxembourg Garden offers many beautiful flowers, the green trees, the statues and fountains with those lovely little sailboat. With an area of nearly 23 hectares, Luxembourg is an important area of Paris, where a walk, meet students, Parisians and tourists.

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo

Built to celebrate the 400th birthday of Sao Paulo, the largest park of the city include a lake with impressive architecture and green space. If to the Park on a Saturday morning, you’ll see a lot of cycling and jogging on the trails around the Park.

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

The most famous Park in the Netherlands are located in Amsterdam, the Museum is a haven for both tourists and locals. On weekends, it often took place the concert or art performance. Every year, the Park welcomed more than 10 million tourists to visit.

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