Top attractions most beautiful sunsets Southeast Asia

Halong Bay , Helix bridge, Gunung Rinjani, Railay Bay, … is one of the places most beautiful sunsets selfie Southeast Asia as voted by Goasean.

  1. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Whether you’re floating on small islands or is stopped in the peaceful fishing village on the Gulf, this is still an ideal place for you selfie sunsets. As dusk began to creep, excellent sea shell filled with gold sparkle like sinking into a magical atmosphere enchanting. While watching the magnificent sunset over the islands let’s scenic Ha Long Bay, visitors can enjoy a bit of red wine, talk and relax with loved ones.

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  1. The Helix Bridge, Singapore

Marina Bay and Marina connecting the Centre, the Helix Bridge has become one of the popular attractions of Singapore. 280 m, Helix is ​​the pedestrian bridge first arc architectural world with unique spiral. Specifically, Helix bridge also favors for guests to admire the private space without affecting the passersby. Standing on the bridge, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore’s stunning on the horizon, tracking the events taking place across the bay in one of five stations in this promising situation.

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  1. Mount Gunung Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia

Gunung Rinjani is the mountains with elevations up to 3,726 meters above sea level and was second in the highest volcano in Indonesia. This is an ideal destination for tourists who love hiking and experience the feeling of adventure. From atop the mountain, panoramic away you will find a few volcanoes in Bali, Gili Islands and of course Madness sunset when the sun is coming down.


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  1. Railay Bay, Thailand

Referring to the venue to watch the sunset on the beach, it certainly can not overlook Thailand and the Gulf of Railay Bay Goasean under the most ideal place. If you choose this place to selfie get a shimmering backdrop to the turquoise waters of reflection on the majestic limestone sequences blend together orange red glow of the sky.



  1. The Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia

Located on site Ayana Resort, Bali, Indonesia, next to a cliff, The Rock Bar CNN once voted the best beachfront bar world. This place attracts tourists by beautiful scenery, delicious drinks, haute cuisine and is the ideal place to selfie with sunsets.


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  1. Bagan, Myanmar

Was watching the sunset from one of the ancient temples in Bagan is what tourists do when coming to Bagan also want to experience once. The sun is coming down, visitors will admire the sunset sinking heart. In the twilight, Bagan appear before visitors’ eyes are the vast spaces of the plains with towering temples interspersed smaller temple peeks out from under the trees. Or if there are abundant budget, you can choose to watch the sunset from the hot air balloons float in the air, it will surely bring you more unforgettable experience.


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  1. Manila Bay, Philippines

Undeniably Manila Bay is one of the venues sunset favorite Filipino people and tourists. As sunset over Manila Bay down very quickly and very soon, so if you want to go sightseeing early to find the ideal location. Do not forget the camera ready to capture the moment with the color orange sunset red scenic splendor of the afternoon on the bay offline.


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  1. Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng is known as a peaceful little town, quiet situated about 150 km from the capital Vientiane. It is surrounded by limestone mountains and vast forests to lush cool climate all year round. Coming here, tourists can stroll up the hills east of Vang Vieng and you will be enjoying a great scene with houses peeks out from behind the hillside, the temple or the Nam Song river romantic .


  1. Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From Grand Hyatt guests can easily move to bridge Skybridge at the Petronas Twin Towers.Skybridge 28m long, connecting two 41-storey towers located in the tower and 42 of Petronas.This is considered the best place to watch the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. Or simply just to Sky Lobby Lounge of Grand Hyatt is that you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur under 360-degree viewing angle.


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