Top ten the most beautiful sights to take photo in Seoul

In addition to the village, the famous movie scene, the Korean national museums, parks or zones Seonyudo Buam-dong are attracted from the photographer to the tourists to take photos.

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Village and park mural Ihwa Naksan

The village is the attraction which tourists and locals because of the decoration around the walls, hallway … Ihwa even more popular when the setting for numerous films including The Girl who see smells, Rooftop prince or program Two days, one night. Walk through the village to Naksan Park, which is adorned with many works of art, you also find several places ideal for shooting pictures.


Samcheongdong-gil Street and library Jeongdok

Samcheongdong-gil road has many restaurants, fashion stores attract young people. This is also a popular tourist destination by who appeared in the hit TV show We Got Married. Not far away is the library Jeongdok beautifully decorated with shapes and color harmony.


Greenhouse Changgyeonggung

This is an area larger greenhouse located in Changgyeonggung, one of four famous palace of Seoul. Inside the greenhouses are many species of plants, flowers … The most prominent is the fountain, the highlight helps harmonious architecture East – West of works.


Gyeongnidam-gil Road

In Gyeongnidan-GIOL road every month with several new stores appeared, bringing a specific characteristics that blend with the space still available. The alleys were decorated with graffiti and many suites liberal restaurants, cafes, shops strange style. Gyeongnidan-gil is a “must see” for tourists looking for a unique place to take photos and explore the differences in local culture.


Park Seonyudo

Seonyudo is the first ecological park in Korea. Here there is a lot of equipment and modern works as underwater botanical garden, playground, water and some other games for guests to choose from. The houses inside the park planted about 120 trees, grass, flowers and various vegetables. Seonyudo natural scenery picturesque, attracted many photographers, the couple is dating and all the family arrived on holiday.


National Museum of Korea

This is an international project, preserving and exhibiting more than 300,000 objects from all valid period of Korean history. Guests next visit will be to learn the cultural artifacts of its very meaning. In addition, the private museum is also a unique architecture with buildings located along the large lake with a traditional hall. Famous museum is one of the beautiful photography in Seoul as you will find a wealth of strange camera angles and elegant whether inside or outside.



Coming here you will feel like time stopped, with a wealth of trails ideal for leisurely stroll. Besides the cafe is Buam-dong also has many attractions like hiking trails Bugaksan, hill Yun Dong-ju, a famous park from the 20th century Guests here are easy for finding yourself the coffee corner or alleyway beautiful alley to take photos.


Village Seonchon

Seonchon Village is a home to many shops and hanok (traditional Korean house) located along the alley, in harmony with the new brand appearance. The village is populated with so tourists also captured images of daily life. Furthermore, many roads, alleys here are decorated with vivid wall paintings, stunning. Village Seonchon therefore become a favorite of travelers and photography enthusiasts.


The cafe in downtown Sangsu-dong

Sangsu-dong street with features that include many exclusive boutiques, cafes cozy atmosphere. Compared with the bustling shopping areas and other crowded places for guests to bring their own in the vibrancy of the art works. Many cafes in Sangsu-dong furnished and decorated fancy. It also tourists because the context of the series My Love from the Star.


Yanghwa Hangang Park

Yanghwa Hangang is one of 23 parks located along the banks of the Hangang River, destination attraction with beautiful scenery, scenery changes with the seasons. The hilarious illustrations painted on the columns of the bridge nearby Yanghwadaegyo makes this place more attractive. In the fall, the park will be awash in a yellow sea of ​​deciduous tree species. Besides flower garden colorful butterfly is also photographed attract many visitors.

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