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Despite tight budget, you can still traveled all over the world if you choose Mexico City and Auckland … as the destination.

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Pokhara – Nepal

Nepal’s tourist city where tourists are often selected as the next destination after visiting Kathmandu. Once there, visitors can stay away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. This place as a land of peace, is endowed picturesque landscape with roads to discover the most famous in Nepal. In addition, prices in Pokhara also very cheap even at the peak travel months like April, 5, 10 and 11. With about 350,000 VND / day, you can eat and a nice stay here. Photo: Flickr


Chiang Mai – Thailand

Chiang Mai is the largest city, is also well-known tourist destination in Thailand, after Bangkok. Dubbed the City of Eternal Spring, the atmosphere here is completely different compared to other tourist cities by the majestic mountains and famous temples. Not only that, the city is well-loved by the international standards of service that the price is very cheap, just over 400,000 / day. So this is the smart choice for those with tight budgets. Photo:


Luang Prabang – Laos

Luang Prabang deserved reputation as one of the most attractive tourist cities in Southeast Asia. The colonial architecture interwoven with ancient temples make the atmosphere here becomes a peaceful and romantic place has not been. Most prices in the Southeast Asian tourist destinations are very pleasant and Luang Prabang no exception. Here, visitors a day just spent nearly 500,000 / day for all activities from entertainment to dining and hotels. Photo: Travelsense


Mexico City – Mexico

For a trip to Mexico City, it would certainly be a lot nicer than your imagination. Here is a harmonious blend of hustle, bustle in downtown Zona Rosa with restaurants, upscale hotel is situated in close proximity, and the romantic, peaceful area in the Condesa, Roma. Therefore, visitors here can freely choose according to their own preferences. You can save a lot of costs and just spent about 650 thousand dong / day here if selection of street food and local area residents or focus. Photo: Internationaltravelmag


Budapest – Hungary

Budapest is one of the No. 1 destination options guests to Hungary. This really is an ideal place for recreation. Hotels and motels as well as food in Budapest can meet most requirements of tourists but only inadequate price. In addition, there are also a lot of attractions and entertainment for free. So, with only about 700,000 / day as you can comfortably explore here. Photo:

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