Travel America – Numerous tourist attractions in the US prohibit taking pictures with long sticks

American tourism -tourist attractions and museums of America has applied the policy prohibits the use of sticks selfie due to concerns over security reasons.

The Museum of modern art in New York, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and sculpture park in Washington DC’s attractions of the United States of America has imposed the ban because of fears the device could jeopardize the work of art itself as well as visitors.

Julie Jaskol, Vice manager of public relations at the Getty Center, said: “selfie Sticks are banned because of the risk of damaging the files, or do you get hurt in the enclosed space”.

Once you capture selfie in times square.

Representatives of the Hirshhorn, Kelly Carnes, also said: “The type of camera tripod, sticks selfie are forbidden to use at the Hirshhorn to protect the safety of the works and visitors”.

Some of the major museums of the Us, including Boston’s Museum of fine arts, national art gallery, Museum, national air and Space Museum, the Cooper Hewitt design in New York, as well as the Dallas Museum of art and the Museum of the Academy designers Rhode Island also apply the policy prohibits the use of sticks and selfie.

Selfie said canes of a museum.

While the Museum afraid of damaging this device works on display, in other places, including Premier League stadiums, banned sticks selfie to the prevention of violence. Elaine Sigrist said Arsenal’s management said that selfie sticks can be used as a weapon to attack. The CLUB’s spokesman also said anything “that could be used as weapons or danger threatening public safety” are not included on the Emirates.

By 2014, the South Korean Government has banned selling sticks and selfie has not passed inspection because of signals from Bluetooth can affect the devices using the same radio frequency. The business unit in violation can be fined up to $ 27,000 and 3 years in prison.

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