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Travel America -luxury apartment complexes in Southern California called “maternity hotels” for Chinese women want to have children in the u.s. have been examined light 3-3-2015, culminating a campaign of unprecedented scale.


NBC News said, the homeland security personnel entered The Carlyle, a luxury apartment in Irvine, California, is the home of many pregnant women and new mothers. Each person has to spend 40,000-80,000 DOLLARS to be taken to give birth in the United States. One of the women told NBC News: “I do this for education for the next generation”.

These women are considered a witness and not under arrest. Instead, investigators aimed at the line, had pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars do not pay tax to help Chinese nationals a visa to America and then provide service until they give birth in an American Hospital, with a commitment to the child will get a social security number and U.s. passport when leaving the mothers of America.


Chinese women are flocking to u.s. birth do Us grants citizenship to any child born on the territory of the United States of America. CNN led the Chinese media source said that by 2012 there 10,000 Chinese women gave birth to children in the United States, double the figure of 4,200 in 2008. The cost per person $ 40,000-60,000, which lies in the ability of wealthy Chinese funds are growing. According to last year’s Hurun report, about 2/3 of the Chinese have assets above 10 million RMB (1.6 million dollars) in the Bank have migrated or have plans to migrate.

“To the United States to give birth, not illegal, but if you lie about the reason to the Us then it is fraud visa”, Claude Arnold, staff who are dedicated to investigation of the Ministry of internal security in Los Angeles said.
The pictures from a web site touted the Chinese women to the United States to bear children

Operation examined more than 20 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino, 3 tourist line aimed at child birth which compete each other. The heads of the operating line location at The Carlyle is Chao Chen and Dong Li, used a web site to active ads, touting the benefits of a child have the right American citizens like 13 years of free education, academic financial support low cost, less environment pollution , a guarantee for the entire family emigrated when 21 year old … Customers are advised how to lie to get tourist visas, a fly through of destinations like Hawaii and Las Vegas, avoiding flying directly to Los Angeles International Airport from the immigration officer suspected of concealing the pregnancy, while the sight …

These women were then taken to in The Carlyle, which costs about $ 3,000 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment with amenities such as private balconies, pool style resort, the tent has a flat-screen TV and. .. They were taken to see a doctor, to the restaurant and stores like Target, Babies R Us …

Childbirth, they in some hospitals in Orange County, but not fully pay-about 25,000 USD – for medical services, which are discounts for poor people, from free to $ 4,000. The authorities said that damage to the hospital. In just 2 years at a medical facility, more than 400 babies have linked touristic babies were born. The parents of a boy born April 2014 paid the hospital only $ 4,000 but have spent money at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, buy brand name Rolex and Louis Vuitton … is there an account owner to near $ 250,000.

This fraud is already beyond the visa fraud. Li did not file a tax return and Chen was not giving hundreds of thousands of dollars earned. In addition, Chen and his wife, Jie Zhu also made fake wedding, pretending to divorce in order to get a “green card” in your marriage in the United States of America.

The phenomenon of foreigners to the United States to give birth is not new but growing. A study showed 40,000 children each year are born in the United States with her mother to come with tourist visas, according to NBC News.

Service examined on 3-3 mark in large scale campaigns first against the Federal travel in America. Also at The Carlyle, the campaign targeted at 2 alternate lines.Wen Deng Rui, Li Yan and Wen Shan Sun is accused of collecting $ 25,000-10,000 women each to take them to the Pheasant Ridge in Rowland Heights, which offers “Royal Service” includes child care nurse. Another company called USA Happy Baby, by Michael Wei Liu Yueh and Jing Dong runs, set in the apartment of The Reserves in Rancho Cucamonga.

U.s. authorities examined the condo in Irvine, California, where a business travel bear charges $ 50,000 pregnant women travel and accommodation fees.

The Carlyle investigations began in June 2014 when the Irvine Police Department received an anonymous message has been transferred to the Department of Homeland Security. U.s. Customs and immigration services also received a similar message. A security personnel impersonating the client, wanted to arrange for his cousin born in America, was Chen provided the details of the program, from the way employees in China by Chen will arrange for the visa interview to advise should not fly direct to Los Angeles.

Interviewed by CNN Money, 2 episodes, one client was Felicia He, 27 years old, said she had spent tens of thousands of dollars to bear children in California: “I began to get ready for the trip around the end of the third month of pregnancy. I’ve been asked by friends who have children in the u.s. to find doctors advice, then look for places to stay for several months, and then buy the ticket “. He, was born in America last year, said a U.s. passport for children means access to better educational opportunities, also helps open the door into the exclusive international school in Beijing, where she lives with her husband, and the options for the study in high school and College. The thing is carrying an American passport means that the child is responsible to pay taxes in the us.

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