Travel to interesting the destinations in the world for only 30 USD / day

You desire to explore the world but the limited budget? Refer to the following cheap destination.

1. Bolivia: 22 USD / day


La Paz, Bolivia (city built in a canyon created by Choqueyapu river stretching from the northwest to the southeast Bolivia and is surrounded by high mountains of the Altiplano.) Is known as city travelers cheapest tourist destinations of Latin America (2014).

Adventure travel outside the city, you’ll find even lower prices. However, travel to Bolivia, you can still see firsthand the beautiful city of colorful colonial architecture with great Spain, is greeted by the friendly locals, and of course also was discovered Salar de Uyuni salt fields – “the greatest mirror world” in Bolivia.

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Lake Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt pans in the world, located in Bolivia. (Photo:

Here, a meal is priced at about USD 2-3 rooms (dormitory or Alojamientos – rural guesthouses) only at $ 10 and go travel around the country with only $ 1 for 5 minutes taxi 2 USD / hour for the public buses). Extremely cheap!

2. Nepal – 20 USD / day

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Beautiful country Nepal (Photo:

Many people travel to Nepal often only one purpose: to climb Mount Everest! However, the country still has much to discover that most likely you do not know. Hotel rates, food, beverages and many other things … maybe just 5 USD. Not to mention, Buddhist culture, magnificent mountain scenery and the variety of adventure travel activities in this area also is one of the attractive tourist destination choose Nepal make yourself cheap travel .

3. Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala – 30 USD / day

Tourism to these countries, you will enjoy a meal with very good price. Hotel room or dorm can be found for around $ 5 a night, not including local transport is extremely cheap and convenient. Tourism to these countries, you will not only have access to local culture “standard” Spanish but also can directly be “practical” in Spanish. These are popular destinations you’ll find beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, the great tropical forests suitable for hiking, and all the other activities disabilities with relatively low costs .

4. India – 20 USD / day

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India is one of the destinations with the greatest spiritual value for backpackers want to experience the feeling of traveling with the cheapest price. The dorm room or affordable guesthouses with prices ranging from 3-5 USD per night (sometimes more depending on peak season and location), 3 USD (or even less) for a meal , 1-2 USD / beer …

Some destinations like Mumbai, Goa and South India will cost extra, but still pretty cheap compared to many other destinations worldwide.

5. Ecuador – 25 USD / day

Ecuador is one of the national tourist offer the cheapest price for guests. Dorm room with $ 7, taxi 2-4 USD, bus 1 USD / hour, beer costs 1-2 dollars, $ 3 for a meal (or less).

Some travelers partygoers can expect to pay higher rates (from 20-25 USD / day), but it is still acceptable prices.

6. Bali – 27 USD / day

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All travelers from around the world, once arriving in Bali agreed that want to stay here forever, but do not want to return. Apart reason this place is known as the “tropical paradise”, “the dawn of the world,” the “paradise of love” … then it also welcomes visitors with an attractive cost: A simple meal “standard” Asia is priced less than $ 1, less than 10 dollars for surfing game, or as an acceptable hotel rooms can be found for $ 10 or less.

7. Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) – 30 USD / day

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Photo: ST

These are the countries considered attractive for tourists around the world with pretty cheap prices. Street food in those countries are considered extremely tasty, and cheap complementary and diverse, rich dishes (such as pad Thai dish is priced less than $ 1). Not to mention, there are many options of public transport to move and travel throughout the city … while hotel prices are also quite “fat” … Traveling to these countries will causing you to experience all the fun in life at bargain prices.

8. Sri Lanka – 25 USD / day

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Although Sri Lanka lacks tourist infrastructure than its neighbors but sometimes that’s a good thing. You can find here the hotels, guesthouses for just US $ 5-15 per day. Move here you can choose tuk-tuk vehicles quite cheaply (You might just have to pay 4 USD for a trip across the country of weapons).

Besides, the cuisine here is also extremely rich, the choice of low-cost, about $ 2 beer.

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