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If you’ve been watching the films of Greek mythology then make sure you couldn’t take your eyes by the attractiveness of the episode, including the war of Troy is the focus.

If you ever see the movie about Greek mythology or epic Illiad and Odyssey of Hómēros sure you couldn’t take your eyes by the attractive and charismatic of the episode, in which the war of Troy is the focus. The tale that, to win back her Helen, the Greek army had taken the boat team the strongest Hungarian invade Troy, but the strength of solid ramparts and the determination, the Greek army was not able to easily Park City. During the 10 years of fighting the persistent, with conspiring to counterattack the forces of Troy, the Greek army had secretly made the Trojan horse’s dung, wood is strong setting before

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The Trojan horse – became the focal point of every journey to Istanbul

After years of fighting inconclusive between the two sides saw a peaceful space and the wooden horse the Greeks again, the Trojan army and people thought this was my peace of Greeks before dong boat on water.The people of Troy were persuaded by Sinon, a Greek who feigned desertion, gave wooden horse into the city to donate for Athens and the night is at most army of Greece broke the wooden slats to occupy the position of the opening to Greeks from outside overflow. The fall of Troy how many centuries but “Trojan Horse” and the epic about the Trojan war the States 10 years still.

Today, it is the most attractive sights of visitors from around the world with unique figurine is the Trojan horse. In-stock horse of Troy and a new horse film crew Hollywood area this would be rewarding for those who love and want to admire the icons associated with “the Trojan war” in the Iliad. In 1998, the Citadel of Troy was designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Visitors come not only to visit but also to listen to the story the war of Troy full of dread hung

Turkey-remains of ancient Rome

Turkey is a country located between the Eurasian continent, unobtrusive modern wealth which carry fanciful beauty of Ottoman provinces. It is also a lot of remnants of the Ottoman Empire in history, because it has attracted millions of weekly visitors annually. Recently, Istanbul of Turkey has been successful TripAdvisor Traveler magazine voted the head of the 10 most attractive destinations in the world by 2014.

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Turkey-remains of ancient Rome

Talk about Istanbul has reached 64 mosques and palaces are decorated elaborately, including the Blue Mosque-Mosque is famous because of the walls inside the Church are slices of green stone, built in the heyday of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century-XVII creates a shimmering beauty. Besides there is the Basilica of Hagia Sophia architecture with extensive mixing between the churches and the mosques are located in the heart of the city’s attraction for many visitors. This church once belonged to the Roman Empire. After the conquest of Sultan Mehmed II in 1453 it was changed to serving the Muslim ritual.

Travel Turkish

The Basilica of Hagia Sophia

Particularly in Istanbul also Topkapi, where the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the last 400 years. To discover this place runs out you have to take all day, because it is large, has all the mosques, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, pastry making, casting facility, the workplace, the entertainment of the King and for the harem of …
One other famous landmarks attract plenty of visitors by hot mineral streams exposed there from thousands of years ago was the cotton Castle (Pamukkale) in the Valley of the river Menderes, Denizli province. It has been designated by UNESCO as natural world heritage sites in 1998. Remote viewing, Pamukkale is white as is covered by a thick layer of snow, sparkling under the Sun.

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Cotton Castle (Pamukkale)

But the impression which you must remember about Turkey for is the city of Cappadocia with the stones have many unique shapes turn at dawn or dusk. It has been designated by UNESCO as natural world heritage site in 1985. Take a scenic tour of Cappadocia, you can hike, horseback riding, or mountain bike, motorbike, however, have an interesting means that you should not overlook when exploring the uniqueness of Cappadocia was the air balloon. Let’s start up a balloon at dawn you okay, because this shimmering shine at Cappadocia like colours beneath you

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