Travel USA – These new thing when you first came to America

Travel America -When to America for the first time, you will find unbelievable things to …

1. Americans are friendly


Famous Americans with a smile always blooming on lip. This may surprise you, but to them it’s a polite way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. You will see the U.s. start a conversation with strangers everywhere, while waiting for the bus, the train, inside the elevator or whereever possible. Their motto is: “today you feel okay?” and for them, it’s just a greeting question without answer.


2. The giant meal

As for foreigners, a large portions can be divided into several parts to everyone. In the United States of America is not so, a ration for one person so much and if not eat it all, they have the right to bring leftovers brought home, it’s called culture “Doggie Bag”. This is really a great idea to avoid wasting food by Americans.


3. Tipping (tip)

Tipping is a common habit of the United States of America. From the waiters, taxi drivers, hotel staff wants to be you pay tipping. The average tipping fees in the us is 15% of the total receipts. But if you are not satisfied with the way the restaurant’s service, tip 10% and vice versa, if the restaurant’s service is really very good, tip 20%.


4. States are vast

If you want to travel in the United States within a week, you can hardly visit all the major cities of the United States of America. At least then you have to visit are New York, Miami, Mount Rushmore or Las Vegas, Hollywood. Remember that the Italian beautiful country also only in the area of the State of California only.


5. Americans don’t use the metric system

As to the us, you’ll be greeted by the measurement system are widely available throughout the country, such as inches, miles or feet, but there is no ft. This will somewhat confusing and strange to people who use the metric system, except Liberia and Myanmar.


6. Return Policy goods

You can return any item from clothing to food to the store within 90 days after you purchase it. This is a feature that visitors will be surprised and delighted toAmerica.


7. Cars everywhere

For those who like to ride a bicycle, you will feel disconnected and little bit disappointed. In America, cars are popular with most people, and they moved from this location to the other location, whether far or near, all by car.


8. All goods are taxable

You will be amazed when all the terms of the sale are more taxes. Depending on the State, the goods shall be applied to the different tax rates.


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