Travelers enjoy adventurous games Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling challenge the courage of tourists in Asia Park Danang when spinning 5 rounds of 3 minutes, takes players to a height of 31.5 m, rotate 360 ​​degrees and freefall 65 km/h.

1_Singapore_Sling Bettertraveltips.comSingapore Sling (Swing 360 degrees) is the game of the top 10 games strong feeling in the world. This is a unique product brand entertainment production leading Visa (Italy).Asia Park in Da Nang, Singapore Sling officially went into operation on 28/4.2_t_Singapore_Sling Bettertraveltips.comThe game is sophisticated design includes a cylindrical bar connected to 24 seats under double protection mechanism, keep players sat fixed and absolute safety when flying into the air.3_h_i_singapore_sling

Go 5 consecutive rounds of 3 minutes, the Singapore Sling brings moments of excitement takes players to a height of 31.5 m, spinning 360 degrees in the high and freefall at speeds of 65 km / h.4__Singapore_Sling Bettertraveltips.comIn moments of excitement filled the air, players are immersed in the party between the light from the LED system the world’s most modern and lively dances.Asia Park adventure game launches Singapore Sling ,Singapore Travel Experiences, Asia Park, Singapore Sling ,adventure gameBrings strong emotions, the Singapore Sling is particularly suitable for the adventurous traveler, explore, conquer desire and the desire to challenge themselves courage.6__Singapore_Sling Bettertraveltips.comIn Asia Park, Singapore Sling is located in the campus culture of the island nation of Singapore lion – one of 10 unique cultures in Asia Park.7__Singapore_Sling Bettertraveltips.comAfter Sky Treasure, Singapore Sling is the 2nd game in the series games Thrilling be put into service at the Asia Park visitors. At the same time, the Singapore Sling is also raising the number of games in Asia Park on number 18.

8_asia_park_v Bettertraveltips.comTogether with Singapore Sling, in summer 2016, the Asia Park is expected to add 2 new games on the Sky Tower and activities bumber car, to give visitors different experiences in cultural park area class area.

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