Two symbols of luxury in Dubai

Besides keeping the cultural heritage unique ancient Arab, Dubai also made an impression in the tourists by Burj Khalifa tower and 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab luxury, modern.

Dubai is considered the jewel proud Persian Gulf shores. With 828m height, Burj Khalifa tower is modern architecture world’s highest. This $ 1.5 billion works attracted about 10 million visitors each year.


Here, you will experience a very fast lift speeds estimated at 64 km / h, so the time from the 1st floor to floor takes approximately 124 seconds. From 124 floors, visitors can look through the clear glass, in views of the entire city of leading United Arab Emirates (UAE), below is the class line-floor tall buildings modern, the complex stretches over the highway.

Above there is a row of souvenir miniature model of the Burj Khalifa for visitors and the lens can be adjusted close look beautiful views of the city.There are four main modes look in night, day, lively and special regimes past history shows that Dubai is still a desert.

Dubai, Burj Khalifa tower, 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab

Burj Khalifa tower.

Not tall as Burj Khalifa, but the Burj Al Arab (321m high) is also considered a symbol of luxury, modernity of Dubai with pride as meaning that this hotel name brings “Arabian tower “. The only 7 star hotel in the world with an impressive sail-shaped architecture emerge to the sea, was built in 4 years, inaugurated in 1999 to prepare to welcome the new millennium.

Burj Al Arab converged services such as butler sumptuous, shuttle Rolls Royce or helicopter. The rooms here have their own library, cinema, rotating bed, a marble bathroom. Inside the hotel has eight restaurants, including one restaurant under the ocean help guests enjoying food, while watching the marine life swimming around. If you want to try to experience the feeling of monarchs, tourists have to spend about $ 38,500 for a night here.


Dubai is famous for skyscrapers.

This summer, the Saigontourist continue to take visitors to explore and experience the charm of Arab land by Abu Dhabi’s journey – Dubai 5 days, the package price is only 28.99 million, depart from HCMC 29/8; 30/9.Besides preferential price policy through collaboration with partner airline Etihad, Saigontourist continued commitment to provide good quality service, 5-star hotel stay, nonstop travel service Abu Dhabi convenience, with guidance experienced, dedicated service during the tour … This will help visitors experience the fun of the journey to visit two leading emirates of UAE. In particular, visitors get free gifts and attractive services in Dubai with the opportunity to enjoy lunch buffet at 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab and the panoramic view of the modern city from above.

To Abu Dhabi, travelers along the famous Corniche boulevard, sightseeing inside the Persian Gulf, and visit the Great Mosque Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – the largest mosque UAE. In Dubai, you’ll conquer the tower Burj Khalifa, on the observation deck with panoramic city views. And then you’ll down foot tower space immersed in country music featured, captivated by the combination of water and light in tone of classic tracks.


See belly dancing in the desert.

Guests also have the opportunity to shop in comfort in the business center without worrying about VAT by liberal policies of the government. Those who are curious can visit the gold market and would be impressed with how to buy gold from ATMs. Here, gold rings achieved the world record in magnitude is where tourists stop most photographed. Then visitors Abra-drive tour to admire a rich Dubai look from the canal. In particular, visitors will never forget the trip to conquer, try thrills on desert Safari, experience the hot sand of sugar has reached breathtaking suspense. When dusk falls, tourists and people of Dubai open BBQ barbecue inside the desert, with the appearance of the dancers and belly dance performances very hot …

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