Typical tourist attractions and most attractive at European

Travel Europe Perhaps please always a sweet-filled journey that anyone will want to taste it once in his life.

Hidden in the vast territory near 4.5 million km2, the typical destinations in Europe is a pretty long list that you probably never discover all in one trip.


Traveling to European countries would probably please always a sweet-filled journey that anyone will want to taste it once in his life. Hidden in the vast territory near 4.5 million km2, the typical destinations in Europe is a pretty long list that you probably never discover all in one trip.

Possibly for a long life and has always been an important place with the world in every way, Europe not only brings great excitement but also meant that people always towards a mood full of admiration. European tourist destination if listed is probably as well as its history. With 27 Member States of the European Union as the EU, it seems anyone can feel a tremendous power and the seamless connection of the cultures, the economic development of economy, culture and lifestyle of the residents of this community. However, each country in the community is again a very special individuals, associated with the typical definition is specific in itself that is not confused with any other country.

Typical tourist attractions and most attractive at European

If the reunification of Germany – one of the leading country in Central Europe, certainly the first image of this country show up in everyone’s minds will be the Berlin historic association with so many ups and downs in the history. Along with Berlin the impression of Germany was in Hamburg – Germany’s largest port city, is the city of Cologne has several thousand years old, the Dresden -a Secretary-General for the Baroque character, is Munich with German beer festival attracts several million visitors travel to visit every year , is the Neuschwanstein Castle is located at the foot ofthe Alps as a beautiful fairy, etc.

Talking about the country of France, he represented this country for no other than the Paris magnificence, Nicedreamy, Bordeaux is famous for its architecture-art and celebrated wines, Loire Valley with nature, palaces, temples like paintings. Besides the beauty characteristic of France is also the ancient city of Arle, Lyon -world cultural heritage,the city of Strasbourge of ancient architecture đằm Prashant, Cannes has a wonderful climate with the Cannes Film Festival is famous all over the world, Marseille -the port city’s very longstanding French romantic poetry , the city of Annecywith wonderful natural landscape.

Referring to the country Note, first of all will be the point to Rome -the ancient capital of Italy, then there will be a series of other famous cities such as Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Turin and Florence. Among the city, the having the names too familiar to people all over the world such as Milan -fashion centre of Italy, Pisa in association with the leaning tower of Pisa and Venice unique romance by dense canals system in city and biểnRimini city đằm are pretty close.

Compared with Germany, France, Italy, Belgium is equally when the feature is full of charismatic footsteps of discovery. The first impression with anyone when talking about Belgium is the city of Brussels fair, the pieces ofchocolate in Belgium is extremely attractive and taste Belgian beer ones. In a manner of speaking, Belgium appears to be deposited than France, Italy but in the serenity that is both a valuable asset on architecture, culture and people.Intense attractions to tourists originated from the beauty of Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge spanning the Drina Riverromance, to the Grand Palace -one of the world’s most beautiful squares, towers the Atomium centrally, pee standing boy Manneken Pis nicely, Diamond City Antwerp world famous and the city of Ghent serenity full of charm and the city of Brugge central area of world heritage boundary.

Europe is not only that but also of Scotland in association with representatives of the island mist Skye optical Harbourside property; Switzerland attached to the village of Wengen, the city of Basel with the most number of European museums, town of Zermatt has a snowy mountain peak Matterhorn hung vy; The Czech Republic tied to the ancient city of Cesky Krumlov, the city of Prague as beautiful as in the tales; Austria tied to Krems, Salzburg, Vienna;Sweden tied Rattvik, Gothenburg, Abisko; Croatia tied with Split, Spain tied with Gibraltar, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona; Finland tied to Rovaniemi, Greece in association with Athens; Denmark tied with Copenhagen; Hungary tied with Budapest; Poland tied with Krakow; Turkey tied to Istanbun, Urgup, Dalyan; He tied with London, Edinburgh;Portugal tied to Lisbon; Russia tied with St. Petersburg, Moscow; The Netherlands tied to Amsterdam; Ireland in association with Dublin -one of the city’s famous literary world.

With the rich experience of European travel, usually are very selective these characteristics as above, to easily discover and identify each of your very own beauty in every country present in the European land mass. While easy to find the surface area of the ancient world, are everywhere on this territory as a general characteristic, but in every old definition, the visitors see and feel ever more specific elements of the culture of each country. This just creates a wonderful resonance between the local culture, both religious identity, have contributed to the formation of a Pearl Harbor panorama  spectacular variety and very colorful.

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