“United Kingdom” the Tower of London, a golden morning

Not until nine o’clock in the morning, Golden Sun spread in the Thames, the Tower of London (Tower of London), the time is premature, tourists still scarce, the Tower of London at this time, seems to belong to locals only.


Come here early in the morning, is nine points of the opening ceremony.

In fact, the Tower of London is the official name of “her Majesty’s Palace and Castle, it witnessed history in Peking, also witnessed the legendary life of a woman.
On February 6, 1952, King George VI died, Elizabeth came to the throne as United Kingdom’s new monarch. By 2012, will expire in 60 years of the reign of Elizabeth, when the 60-year anniversary celebration known as the “Diamond Jubilee” (Diamond Jubilee). 60, the current English beyond the longest reigning monarch in the history of Queen Victoria, the monarch became the longest in history. Certainly worth celebrating.
When it comes to the existing Royal culture, United Kingdom is second to none, right, in the United Kingdom travel, Royal marks almost everywhere, with the coming of 2012 Diamond Jubilee, the atmosphere increasingly strong Royal theme travel.
Returning to the Tower of London itself, its name is very easy to misunderstand, thinking it was a “tower”. In fact, it was a Palace and Castle of composite buildings, the function is even more encyclopedic: fortresses, armories, Treasury, mint, powder magazine, palaces, observatories, shelters or even prisons and zoos. Of course, the Tower of London does contain a number of towers, altogether 13 towers of infield and outfield of 6 towers and bastions. In 1988, the Tower of London is listed as a world heritage site.
Main entrance of the Tower of London, has not opened yet


Along the River towards the side door, right next to the River Thames and Tower Bridge, the autumn leaves with the morning light, people feel better


Open the gate. Each night’s closing ceremony will be more solemn.


Some residences in the Tower of London, staying here, it was a wonderful feeling


Once the Tower of London in the summer, I prefer autumn scene.



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