Wild World of Water at South Australia’s Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s attractions are viewed as a haven for the Pocket and also is home to a variety of other animals nhưcá pork, sea lions, bears, Koala, reptiles, birds of … for those who love nature and like to explore the life of this animal , then this is the ideal destination for a visit upon arrival in the country of Australia.

Australian tour to point to the actual Kangaroo Island will truly become a lot more interesting, when you enjoy every thing from attractive natural surroundings, delicious food, and not just in terms of understanding the lives of animals, etc. All promise a trip full of energy, useful and comfortable for any traveller.


The beautiful island is located south of Kangaroo in Australia, covering an area of nearly 4500 km2 and more than 4,600 residents living on the island. The weather here is very mild compared to other regions in the Mainland during the past four seasons throughout the year. The island consists of the following towns: American River, Penneshaw, Parndana, Penneshaw and Kingscote. You can depart from Adelaide City by means of the ship or aircraft, only operated as far as tens of minutes you will come to this wonderful Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island with a length of 509km the coast so you will be spoilt for watching both the ecosystem and fauna abundance, diversity and rare here.Stroll by speed boat is an ideal choice for you when you arrive to this beautiful island. Each wave class horizontal turn blue green seas, an exciting world opens before your eyes, which is pelicans roosting is disengaged, the gulls and the bird are gurgling take off the call each other.

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Towards the West, the dolphins are familiar, fun playing together, waving green in the dance. Visit Seal bay -home of private seals, sea lions, you need to be careful because the animal will not panic, so you should watch from afar would be better. The attraction is not only coming from the lovely wild animals that you will be intrigued by the beautiful natural wallpaper: massive coastal cliffs, hills, fine white sand like a miniature desert, the land pristine bushland and. .. A picture of the animal will stretch before your eyes incredibly peaceful, calming worried: as the seals lie on the sand, the baby koalas asleep in the tree, the cute penguins, herds chiu sing fly across the sky and. ..

In addition to sightseeing in Kangaroo Island, visitors can try the game fun as fishing in Emu Bay, camp created in Penneshaw Beach, water slide in Stokes Bay, Vivonne and Pennington, sail through the sandy beaches, amazing experience khia visiting the caves underground in the Kelly Hill Convervationand. .. All activities on the island are almost always pleasing to anyone to experience and explore. Car point on the island is also a beautiful Kangaroo species of lavender are grown so much, in the fresh cool breeze aroma Fiery Blend snare knot tied, making everybody lose, and probably including you. You can stop where the garden Lavender canvas of thousands, to save the beautiful moments with loved ones.

In addition, vertical sightseeing itineraries to explore the island, you will be looking at the wine shop of the first Winery, the largest island, the lighthouse at Cape Willoughby – became the first lighthouse to be built in South Australia, giving the boats back on the island to avoid the kinds of rocks when moving; the farm dairy sheep cheese processing, or enjoy the delicious seafood specialties as a reward that Kangaroo Island is for you.

Besides, on this beautiful island has the following cafes, chic restaurants are ready to serve the people by the excellent cuisine, the most amazing Cup of coffee. Or you will be told about the transmission of thuyến about the character, the history related to lighthouses centrally, by the people living there. Have to say, the interesting not only from the landscape but also come from the chain of knowledge you are receiving during the visit, explore Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island is always a point to be the company that organizes tours of interest when the visitors Guide to things to see and discover. Here, there is abundant animal world that you’ve ever heard, you will surely not leave surprised wild beauty to magic, or the indigenous culture of this beautiful island. If you plan to visit, then take the Australians to visit Kangaroo Island, Yes, this destination does not make you disappointed or boring ever.

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