World’s smallest house price 1 euro per night

When in this tiny house, visitors are easy to feel imprisoned in the narrow space with a mere 1 m2 area.

This particular house is located in Berlin, Germany only cost 1 euro a night. Airbnb website Ad $ 11, due to minimum charge of $ 10 Airbnb, so visitors will be refunded excess.



House 1 m2 area in Berlin, Germany.

According Airbnb page, Bo Van architect Le-Metnzel want people around the world with low incomes but still can experience Berlin. Therefore, he uses the simplest design possible with waterproof wooden structure fit for a man.

In this house there are tables for computer, a couch and a mattress lying. Windows and doors are sliding, and special wheel house there if guests want to walk around in the city.

Tiny house in Vacation Eastseven, where visitors can send luggage, kitchen and bathroom use. The only items travelers need to bring is a sleeping bag.

travel, homes, tiny, smallest, AirbnbTiny house fit for a people.

To accommodate this unique property, guests can visit Berlin Hostel Eastseven Facebook page or contact the website owners with Airbnb opening sentence  “I need the ONE SQM HOUSE because….”

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