10 holiday expensive and the most luxurious world

Visit the wonders of the world by private jet and resort on the beautiful island in the Caribbean … the holiday cost a few billion to tens of billion.

Visit the splendid castle India: Tours give visitors 3 palaces that famed Lake (Udaipur), Umaid Bhawan (Jodhpur) and Rambagh (Jaipur), stay 3 nights at each palace. According to Harpers Bazaar Under, tour called The King of the Castle at a cost of 1.67 million dollars per person.


2_2 Bettertraveltips.comAman resorts in the system: Aman Group owns the most distinctive hotel. They offer tour packages at all 31 hotels of the system within 1 year, where 12 per night. Guests are free to design the program, so if you want to stay longer to admire Bhutan temples, you will be satisfied immediately. Tour price is $ 286,000 per person.3_2 Bettertraveltips.comSkiing as a superstar: Most of the town for skiing are those super wooden villas, with prices very high, up to several million dollars. So it’s no surprise that the cost of renting the villa as super Lottie Chalet in Gstaad (Switzerland) does not come cheap. With luxurious interiors, sauna, cinema, chauffeur and private chef, … 1 week rental price of this super villa ranged from 55000-232000 dollars.4_1 Bettertraveltips.comHolidays in the town Cowboy Ma: Dunton Hot Springs was originally a mining town in Colorado (USA), with hot springs and the miner’s cabin from the 1930s about the town today has become a famous American resort. Guests outside hot spring bath, also stay in the old wood cabin, luxurious rooms. Cost for 1 week at Dunton Hot Springs Resort is priced $ 147,000 .5_1 Bettertraveltips.comDiscover the South Pole of the Earth: This is an opportunity for you to explore Antarctica once in a lifetime. Starting the flight from England to Cape Town (South Africa), the expedition will be the leading expert guidance on support poles to start the trip. At camp stop in Antarctica only 6 tents, expedition and takes place 3 times 1 year, in May 11 and 12. The cost for the expedition of 9 days is $ 71,000.6_1 Bettertraveltips.comLeased the island on the South Pacific: RedBull boss owns Laucala island with luxury resort in Fiji where you can only arrive by private jet. The island completely isolated (for those willing to pay 154,000 dollars 1 night). The resort does not import meat from outside, but choose the form of self production, including mineral waters here, too. The cost for one week rent Laucala island is 1,068 million USD, for 72 guests.Wonders, vacations, expensive, in the world, private jets, Machu PicchuCaribbean islands leased: The magician David Copperfield’s famous owner of Musha Cay, an island chain in the Bahamas, is ready for you to sublet. Here you can organize picnics on the beach, relax in the secluded house, or play billiards in the sea. The cost of rent is approximately $ 402,000 7 nights with approximately 12 guests. If the number of people up to 24 guests, you will have to pay an extra fee.8_1 Bettertraveltips.comExplore wildlife with $ 1 million: Journey through the natural world lasted 111 days, passing through 12 countries, help you to admire 18 species are in critical condition, such as white rhino helicopter in Kenya, tigers in India, polar bears in the Arctic, or tracking the giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. $ 100,000 in contract funds will be donated to conservation.9_1 Bettertraveltips.comTours became James Bond: Tours to the Caribbean participating sites have action movie script about spies 007. Guests will glide through Turks and Caicos Islands by private jet from the pickup point for pattern select, then up a 50-meter superyacht with a gym, cinema, wine cellar in the journey lasts 5 days, 5 nights before exclusive use of the fashion designer Donna Karan on the islands. The cost for a 10-day trip cost breathtaking $ 494,000.10_1 Bettertraveltips.comAdmire the wonders of the world by private jet: Tour will let you travel by private jet, to the wonders of the world-famous for 28 days. Most prominent landmarks are on the journey as the ancient Machu Picchu in Peru, stone statues on Easter Island, Sydney Opera House … The cost for 28 days excursion is $ 108,500.

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