10 Mistakes ‘classics’ of tourist while traveling

Cram too many things into the backpack before leaving the house, buy anything to see along the way, taking too many photos, do not buy travel insurance … is one of the many mistakes “classics” of travelers Visitors who go traveling .

1. Cramming too many things into the backpack before leaving home


You feel his backpack still quite mild, so you decided to cram into it for a few sets of clothes, a few books, … and so your backpack full of extra-sales basis. However, you do not know that, “the consequences” of overzealous in bringing luggage to the airport when you have to frantically eliminate their belongings, to suit the weight of luggage allowed ago when boarding.

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2.   Book cheap tickets for flights in the early morning

A flight at 2am usually cheaper than a flight during the day, but you should also consider the case of traffic traveling at night while traveling to the airport will cost than moving in the morning. Moreover, the flight too late and not suitable for people with poor health, or move on road at night security is often not guaranteed.

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3.   Booking rooms in the place known as “close to the city center”

Always check the map before booking the hotel, to avoid consuming too much time and money to move to a shelter, especially in big cities.

4.   Buy anything seen on the go

Think about the financial problems arising in their trip. Do not rush to buy anything to which you can see right away, because there are several other places in the area you travel more affordable. Many travelers who feel remorse when buying expensive items to.

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5.   Do not buy travel insurance

You should not save money by not purchasing travel insurance. Maybe you think “there will not be anything serious,” but the insurance will be an end to an accident, emergency medical situations, theft or natural disaster. Please read the charter in order to understand the usefulness of travel insurance.

6.   Many wearing jewelry or valuable items

Do not let you become easy prey for thieves by wearing jewelry, a camera phone or expensive. You should use the old bag containing the camera and wearing cheap jewelry accessories.

7.   Shooting too many photos

There are so many people make this mistake when traveling. In tourist locations, it’s easy to come across numerous tourists holding cameras, phones up to shoot and shoot … However, most of the photos that will not have an opportunity to look back at the photographer.Therefore, should select venues mean, angle to capture beautiful images instead of taking a series of pictures not go far.

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8.   Do not carry the usual medications

The risk of illness while traveling is unavoidable when you come to a completely new environment, eat new foods, adapted to climatic conditions or weather. However, please take the initiative to bring drugs to prevent and avoid eating strange food, unsanitary. Keeping the best possible health and to the nearest hospital immediately if feeling unwell in person.

9.   Afraid to bargain when shopping

Do not be afraid to bargain with local sellers, because this is a fun way to help you get significant discounts, besides you also learn how to interact and better understand local cultures.

Ten.   Move the travel rush

Why hurry when traveling? Meanwhile, instead of the expensive transportation costs incurred as a plane, then other means but not as fast but extremely thrifty. Moreover, the slow still open for you the chance to experience the journey in a new direction, diverse, more colorful and knows how interesting story waiting for you in all ways.

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