10 most expensive holiday world

If financing is not a problem for you, then the tour, resort and luxury expedition below is designed exclusively for you

1. Visit the most magnificent palace India

If you want to enjoy the feeling of a fairytale queen, please register now tour “The King of the Castle” Ampersand Travel firm. Tour will take you to the magnificent castles, stately as in legend: Lake Palace in Udaipur palace (pictured above), Umaid Bhawan palace in Jodhpur Palace Rambagh Palace and Palace in Jaipur.


The trip includes 3 nights of rest at each palace on and enjoy the sumptuous service here. The price for this tour is 1,080,000 pounds (over 37 billion).

2. Stay at all hotels owned by Aman

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Share on Share on Facebook Share on Google Plus, the Group is the owner Aman of the most luxurious hotels in the world (eg Tokyo hotel Aman in the image above). If you are planning to travel in many parts of the world, you can buy a package “at Aman Year” by the company Ampersand Travel offers to free lodging at the hotel during 1 year. There are a total of 31 properties within the system, which means you can stay about 12 nights in each hotel within 1 year. But you can adjust the night depending on their holiday, such as hotels in Bhutan stay longer to visit the temples here. Package is priced from £ 185,000 / person (over 6 billion).

3. Cover the entire old cowboy town

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Dunton Hot Springs is a beautiful valley between the mountains in Colorado Telluride. It is a deserted town was rebuilt into a resort with cowboy-style wooden houses. Especially this mining town famous by the notorious robber Butch Cassidy 1900s had come here and his name engraved on the bar of a local tavern. Dunton Hot Springs is now the resort-style luxury countryside, guests can enjoy a hot spring bath, relaxing in pubs neck marked by Butch Cassidy and the romantic wooden cabin. The cost to rent the entire resort is 95 550 GBP (about 3.28 billion), enough for 44 people.

4. Admire the wonders of the world by private jet

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Jump on private planes and pilots will take you to travel around the world in 28 days, hear great right? Tour will include the world-famous landmarks such as the pre-Columbian Inca ruins – Machu Picchu in Peru (photo), Easter Island in Chile, Basilica of Hagia Sophia in Turkey, at the Opera House Sidney … Tour 28 days worth 70,200 pounds / person (over 2.4 billion).

5. Explore Antarctica

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If you want a once in a lifetime set foot in Antarctica, subscribe to Whichaway Camp tour in Antarctica. You will come from the city of Cape Town in South Africa and are guided by professionals to discover the most discriminating polar regions. Expedition team will camp in tents sleeping 6 construction site. One year of this tour organized travel only 3 times, during the period from November to March 12. Cost for 1 person in 9 days is 46,000 pounds (about 1.58 billion).

6. Try to make James Bond

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Experience the feeling of dramatic action film in the Caribbean by signing tour “From Parrot Cay with Love” group of Como. Guests will be taken to the Turks & Caicos Islands with direct private moon, then to the 50-meter superyacht features a gym, cinema room and wine cellar … to rest within 5 days. Then guests also enjoy extra special 5 nights at Donna Karan’s mansion in Parrot Cay. This package is priced from £ 320,000 for 2 people for 10 days.

7. Rent 1 island in the South Pacific

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Owners brand Red Bull also owns Laucala island resorts in Fiji where premium can only be reached by private plane. The island is very eco-friendly, does not import meat from farmed land that order. Island also produce natural mineral water. Rents island within a week was £ 691 110 (over 23.7 billion), accommodating up to 72 people.

8. As an island in the Caribbean

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Magician David Copperfield owns Musha Cay island of the Bahamas. Island for rent of £ 260,000 for 12 people (nearly 9 billion). You can picnic and sunbathe on the private beach, separated from the world and enjoy the advanced facilities available on the island.

9. Go skiing as a star

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Most ski resorts have villas lodging for tourists. If you want to enjoy advanced services for the stars you may hire a chalet in Gstaad Lottie (Switzerland), with sauna, cinema room and private, as well as chauffeur and private chef. Chalet N Austria Oberlech mountain there are also services like 5 star luxury but more (photo). Lottie Chalet rental price from £ 36 010 for 1 week (over 1.2 billion). Rents Chalet N from 150 600 pounds for 1 week (over 5.1 billion).

10. Visit the safari for $ 1 million dollars

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Journey of discovery safari in Africa entitled “The Journey to Nature’s Edge” by Natural World Safaris organize cost “crisis” but the schedule is very worthy: You will go through 111 days passes through 12 countries, have the Assembly admire 18 rare creatures need to be preserved in the world. You’ll firsthand count white rhino in Kenya from a helicopter area, admire the tiger in India, see polar bears in the Arctic and giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands.

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