8 wonderful island in the world

You’ll have a vacation in Bali can not be patented, Bora Bora, Santorini, Hawaii … – the island is known as the place of the human paradise.

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Bali, Indonesi: No longer a new name, it still attracts visitors both old and new years. One of the reasons it’s so attractive forms of tourism diversity and abundance on the island, such as scuba diving, surfing. The most important thing is the friendly Balinese people, professional and enthusiastic tourists.You'll have a vacation in Bali can not be patented, Bora Bora, Santorini, Hawaii ... - the island is known as the place of the human paradise.Bali, Indonesi

Bora Bora, French: Go to Bora Bora, you like entering a dream world, with the amazingly beautiful lagoons, the luxury resort is built right on the water in the green. You will have a great experience when watching the fish, sea turtles.anh3 (Bettertravetips.com)Maldives: If you love the water activities, this is the top choice. Maldives is one of the world-famous diving park, with the diversity of marine life and the colorful coral reefs. Maldives is renowned as the best diving spot in the world, every fish swimming, warm waters. But life on land is equally amazing, from cuisine to the premises. Each resort has its own island. The velvety sand stretching to the blue water that you yourself are living objects in a painting.anh4 (Bettertravetips.com)Bermuda: This British territory is adjacent tropical area, with a mixture of cultures US, UK and the Caribbean, to be friendly, energetic and very stylish. Small island with the English pub, bustling nightlife and learn the history tour the cities of Hamilton and St George makes all visitors by surprise. Pink sand beach at the southernmost tip of the island is a very special spot.anh5 (Bettertravetips.com)Vanuatu, the Republic of Vanuatu: Islands located off the Pacific received a warm sunlit tropical forests with majestic. Vanuatu is encircled by a vast sea belt, blue water, freshness. This is an exciting destination with top beaches, the active volcano. With its pristine beauty, local customs will bring you the pleasant experience.anh6 (Bettertravetips.com)Tasmania, Austrania: This is Australia’s only island state, is the 26th largest island in the world. Tasmania has a heart with the green valley, the town quiet and unspoiled coastline. This is one of the island with mountainous terrain in the world. Coming here you will experience the full adventure game: surfing, kayaking, trekking tours Lake St. Australia deepest Clair, watching wildlife in national grove Narawntapu …anh7 (Bettertravetips.com)Santorini, Greece: On the southern Aegean, go 200 kilometers southeast of mainland Greece, you will find a mysterious island, a land of mythological stories of ancient Greece – Santorini island. Coming to this place, and made available to you as a colored sun setting pristine and classic architectural style imprinted in every corner of a quiet street. To Santorini you will admire the classic beauty of the town of Olia, bathed in the romantic sunsets on the beach, visit the shops, wineries …anh8 (Bettertravetips.com)Hawaii, USA: It would be mistake to fail to mention the pearl Hawaii – “big island”, which was dubbed the tourist paradise of the world. You can drive around the island in just in hours. E trip will take you visiting the waterfalls; vast desert; or the arid volcanic; sunny beaches and wind. Come here, you are immersed in the traditional setting of enthusiastic dance, lively; the music has enchanted.

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